An ultimate guide to checking the engine of a used semi-truck!

Trade between different countries and states has increased a lot in the past few years, and the most common means of transport used to exchange goods is by road, and semi-trucks are believed to be the most reliable and efficient vehicle to carry the heavy load easily. These semi-trucks are quite expensive, and most of the people can’t afford to buy a brand new semi-truck for their business. So, most of the people prefer buying used trucks or second-hand semi-trucks as they are available at much lower rates, but the problem arises in the functioning of the truck. A person must check all the parts, especially the engine, before locking the deal.

Tips for evaluating the engine of a second-hand truck

Smoke and emission

Smoke emitted by the vehicle tells a lot about the condition of the engine as a semi-truck may emit smoke of different colors, and each color tells a different story. If you see a blue-colored smoke, then it means the motor oil of the vehicle is being burned. A light blue colored smoke is normal when the engine is warming up, but if it lingers on then, there must be some issue with the engine.

Engine oil level and quality

You must use a stick and check the level of engine oil and its quality. If it looks a bit muddy, then it is a clear sign that the owner has not changed it for a long time, and for a better idea, you may also look for any leakage and residue of engine oil near the engine. Fresh oil patches and stain near the area is a sign that leakage problem is still there in the truck.

To conclude, you check some of the above factors to evaluate the condition of the engine accurately.

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