Coffee V/S Energy Drink

It’s too natural to grab a coffee or energy drink when feeling a little dull. Choosing coffee or energy drink is a matter of question. Energy drinks are just overrated in supermarkets. They are a fast-growing beverage business. The energy in the energy drink comprises of sugar and caffeine. Caffeine effects in blocking adenosine, a chemical that makes us sleep and sugar if consumed in excessive amounts, provide a lot of energy. Yes, energy drinks do provide more energy but only for a short period.

Thus as per MetaEdge (gaming performance brand), one should consider following facts before choosing over coffee or energy drink  :

Caffeine Content:

The caffeine content in coffee or energy drinks largely depends on the brand selected. The maximum amount of caffeine a healthy individual can consume is up to 400 mg. Even though coffee has more caffeine content than energy drinks, it is always a better option to select from, as there will be no artificial colors added.

Calories Do Count:

In a world full of fitness, conscious individuals, calories are counted as an essential factor of comparison. Source of calories is vital as energy drinks have a lot of flavors and artificial colors added, which add up to calories while coffee is less on the calorie count. Once in a while, choosing a high-calorie energy drink should not cause a problem.

Sugar Content:

Sugar, if consumed in excess, harms the body. As compared to coffee, energy drinks have a lot more sugar content.  Even though sugar-free and artificial sugar is readily available, they do more harm than good. Hence if one is sugar content conscious, it is recommended to add one spoon to your daily meals.

Thus one should thoroughly look into all the ingredients of coffee or energy drink and then choose on suitability.

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