Features And Accessories To Consider For Home Security Dallas

The basic home security Dallas system has a sensor that triggers an alarm when there is a breach of an entry point. The sensor is connected with the control panel. The other systems can be integrated with the central hub or control panel.

  • Entryway sensors 

Magnetic field technology is used. A breach sends mobile alerts, which sets the homeowner into action.

  • Motions sensors 

Infrared technology is used. Invisible laser light is emitted, which when disturbed sets the alarm.

  • Security cameras 

Consistent live streaming of the surrounding inside and outside can be achieved.

Users can configure rules like the preset record at 4 pm to make sure kids arrive home from school.

  • Video doorbells 

Take shots of front door visitors and snoopers. It also works as a doorbell.

  • Floodlights 

Motion-activated floodlights eliminate dark areas and expose strangers.

  • Panic buttons 

During home invasion or medical emergency, the wall-mounted device with an in-built monitoring alert button can be pressed.

  • Glass break sensors 

Glass breaking gets detected and alarms and alerts are triggered.

  • Keychain fobs

You can activate and deactivate the security system from remote areas

  • Smoke detectors

Smart smoke detectors sound the alarm as well as sends alerts when it detects fire or smoke.

  • Carbon Monoxide detectors

A CO leak poisons the house environment, which can be fatal.

Just like smart smoke detectors, the CO2 devices are pre-configured and send an alarm and instant alerts to your Smartphone.

  • Water leak detectors

Water damage is devastating but a detector can notify you of this.

You can contact the plumber instantly.

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