Forza Horizon 4 101- Top Facts You Should Know

Forza Horizon 4 has been gaining popularity ever since it released on 2 October 2018. It is the fourth installment in the FH series and eleventh in the Forza series. FH4 is an open world car racing game set in a fictionalized Great Britain. This game can be played on PC, Xbox and mobile platforms. The game forza 4 iOS is available for download from online stores. If you love playing racing games, you should definitely not miss out on FH4. Below are some interesting facts about Forza Horizon 4.

  1. Changing seasons

One of the most interesting features of FH4 is dynamic weather. Every week the season changes and new areas of the map are opened up. This is the very same reason why you don’t find an increase in the size of the map initially. The changing seasons pose newer challenges to drivatars.

  1. More number of cars

You get to play around with an astounding 450 cars of over 100 different makes in FH4! Some of the popular ones include Aston Martin Vulcan, Audi S1 Quattro and Ariel Nomad. McLaren Senna is FH4’s cover car.

  1. Customizable drivatars

With Forza Horizon 4, you also have an option to dress up your drivatar in any way you want. There are different outfits, accessories and ‘emotes’ which can be used to give your drivatar character a unique identity.

  1. Properties and businesses

You can also invest in different properties and businesses in FH4. This in turn will unlock new gameplay options and items. It will also help you earn some bucks in the process.

  1. It is an open world

FH4 is played in the real open world community and not on racing tracks. The cool part is here you can chat with fellow drivers and all can participate in Forzathon events.


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