Remote Trading in Pokemon Go Is More Than Just Transactions

Limits to Trading

The blockbuster game Pokemon Go has continued the enduring legacy of the franchise and introduced the series to a whole new generation. To keep the gameplay engaging and fun, Pokemon Go has several virtual and social engagement. One thing however that many loyal players complain is missing is the option of remote trading.

As things stand, Pokemon Go only allows players to trade only when they are next to each other. The most commonly cited reasoning for this is to prevent the sale of rare and area-specific pokemon between people, purportedly for money.

However, many have – rightly – suggested that these limitations do more harm than good in the long run. Several very loyal players of the game have repeatedly taken up individual and collective complaints against trading restrictions. Many have also suggested limiting remote trading to ‘best’ and ‘lucky’ friends to help solve problems, but this has not been taken up.

Why the Limits Need to Go

Pokemon Go is a social game, meant to connect people not just with each other but also with physical locations. It was this unique physical-virtual connection that was lauded when the game was released. By now allowing remote trading, Niantic does a disservice both to the platform and its players, not allowing full use of social connections.

Remote trading allows for cross-boundary development of friendships and networks, which is what a social game such as Pokemon Go is all about, whose accounts can be found at It is painful for people to not be able to share something special with their virtual friends, or their real friends who have moved away. Increasing trade radius would also enable people to increase their social and play circles. Thus, remote trading should be a serious consideration for the developers.