Tips for training your dog to pee on the pee pads!

Although dogs are one of the most loyal and smart pets, they still need to be trained for specific things, the most common hassle that dog owners face is keeping their dog from spreading garbage and pooping and peeing all around the house. There are some unique dog pee pads for apartments available for people who cannot take out their dogs to take a pee. So, they can place that pad in a corner and train their dog to pee on that pad only. It is a challenging task to train the dog for such a task, but you can easily do it following some simple steps.

How to train your dog to pee on the pee pads?

Paper training

It is the initial and most crucial part of the practice. Usually, it is not considered the best, but the owners who live in apartments and cannot take their dog out can choose this training method to train their dog. Firstly, you must place a good pee pad in the house and then take the dog to the pad frequently. You can also leave some pee of your dog on the pet to ensure him that is the right place to pee.

Verbally guide the dog

Verbal guidance can be highly helpful in training your dog to pee on the pad. You must use verbal commands as dogs are highly responsive to the commands of the owner. You can guide the dog with your commands during the training. There are some specific behaviors of the dog that indicates that he needs to go for a pee; at that time, you can command him and guide him to the pad to take a pee.

Stay consistent

One day of training cannot be sufficient; you need to be consistent and train him regularly using the same method and commands until he starts to understand it properly.

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