Why Should Professional Translators Invest In Translation Memory Devices?

Translation Memory devices are no less than a bliss for translators. These devices carry a huge linguistic database which can store phrases, paragraphs and sentences which have been translated previously. In other words, a TM can make your job a lot easier. The post below offers a brief on the importance of translation memory devices for professional translators.

Easy consistency

This is certainly one of the major benefits of TM devices.

Let’s say your translation company has received a humungous piece for translation. It’s not the job of one person and you have to deploy multiple translators here. Now, each of the translators will try to localize sentences and phrases from the script in their own individual ways. And, that may lead to inconsistency in the translation which can ruin the project completely. This is where a Translator Memory tool comes to your rescue. The tool will feature a big database of previously translated words and sentences which your entire team of translators can refer to for this project. As all the translators will depend on same translated database, the project will have a smooth consistency from first to the end.

Less time wasted in terminology mining

A translation memory device or a portable translator machine like muama enence will always make translations quicker. You can go through muama enence review for more details on immediate real-time translation extended by the device.

Do you know your 75% time is wasted when you sit for terminology mining for a translation project? More time is wasted if it’s especially a bigger project. But, a TM tool will do the job in just a fraction of a second taken by a human translator. It’s because it contains a huge database of translated phrase in its memory and it never forgets anything. So, whenever you will need a translation of a word or phrase that has been translated before- the tool will bring you the translated result immediately.

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