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The share pro website was launched in 2020 and is owned by, a music industry expert with over a decade of experience in music publishing history, particularly specializing in indie music and helping artists from all over the world to kick start their music career.  You can submit songs to labels on the website, and the tastemakers and pros will start reviewing and sharing them to bring more likes, views, play, and shares.  To start the process, you will first have to make an account following which you will get submission credits, and then you need to make a payment of at least $1 to initiate the task.

What is the time duration within which I can expect a reply from the tastemakers?

Often, you will get a reply within 48 hours of your song submission.   If not so, then the $1 amount that you spent earlier would be refunded back into your submission credit account.  This is because share Pro keeps the track record of all the tastemakers and their deadlines.

What to do when I don’t get a reply from the tastemaker?

In case your song does not get reviewed within 48 hours, and you do not receive any feedback. According to the terms and policies of share Pro, the tastemaker to which you submitted your song will refund all the credits that you submitted back into your account.  This makes sure that none of your credits gets wasted.  Moreover, the tastemaker details section accurately displays the amount of time that will generally be taken by them to review and give feedback on your song.  All the credits that get refunded to your account can be used by you for submitting more songs later.

Most people always get confused while watching movies. They do not get any idea of whether they should watch online movies or offline movies in the theatre. But watching movies online comes with a lot of advantages that you can experience, as there are many websites such as where you will get the idea that which movie is trending.

Here are some of the benefits that you can experience from watching the online movies and not offline in theatres-


It is the primary factor that most people prefer is the cost that they have to pay. While a person goes to a movie theatre to watch the movie, they have to pay a lot of money on tickets and food, and that is just for a single person. If you are going out with your friends, then it will cost you even more than a middle-class family does not prefer to go there. But if you are watching a movie online, then you do not have to pay for anything. You can just enjoy the movie.

Annoying crowds- 

You will be able to find the different kind of people in the theatre wand some of them will be so annoying that will ruin the whole mood of watching movies. But on the other hand, if you are watching the movie online, then you do not have to face any crowd; you can just sit alone and watch the movie of your choice without any disturbance.

Does not take food with them- 

In the movie theatre, you will not take food with you; they do not allow you to take that. You can buy the food from inside which cost you so much. But while watching movies online, you can eat whatever you want because you are sitting at your home and no one will say anything to you.

From the above points, you may have understood why people choose online movies and not offline. 

We all are fond of movies right from childhood? I mean, who isn’t? While some people are not the filmy type, they too cannot resist the temptation to watch a well made movie but the connoisseurs love artistic movies while the normal public likes the popular box office material.

The popular material and action flicks always become the highest grosser where the heroes and villains are of supernatural quality but during the 60s and 70s, everything was a revolution when it came to performing dangerous stunts that some people would find hilarious these days.

Fortunately, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) has made things much easier and whether it is a devastating tsunami scene or the entire universe outer space, CGI makes everything look ridiculously real and it has made movie watching a lot more enjoyable in the long run.

Entertainment Galore

CGI special effects enhances the specific nature of the movie ten times the amount that the filmmakers put in the film so you have genres like Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, James Bond in the 21st century and many others.

It is truly entertainment galore so if you are a sucker for such films, you can very well go to the official website of ‘We Are North Made’ where you can find the important CGI material that you see in films everyday with special effects of the highest order.

The studio has numerous clients that constantly place booking in the movie scenario but currently it is going through some problems that are financial and time consuming that is due to a lack of communication among the team workers.

Product CGI is quite a startling phenomenon that continues to grow in strength where we have directors like Christopher Nolan and Tarantino using it to their advantage with a touch of quirk to enhance the entertainment value.

Many people love to watch movies online, but due to a lack of knowledge about the best websites, it simply leads them to face problems. Once you understand the basic details about different websites, it will help you find the best website to watch the latest movies. You can consider the below details as here are some แนะนำเว็ปดูหนังออนไลน์ and will also help you to learn about the best website to watch the latest movies. Try to consider the below points with proper attention to have a safe and secure experience with new movies.

  • Vimeo –

First website that you can consider to watch the latest movies online is Vimeo, as it is a video platform like YouTube that allows you to upload your movies and clips. It helps you share your own experience in HD form and allows you to get the best experience.

  • Sony Crackle –

The best website you can consider for watching the latest movies online is the Sony Crackle. It helps people learn about the best movies to help them experience the best environment with great entertainment.

  • Hoopla –

It is another website that you can consider to watch various movies as it is a groundbreaking digital media service offered by the local public library. It helps you borrow books, movies, and many other aspects that can help you have the best experience.

  • Popcornflix –

The people who love to watch comedy movies and thriller ones can consider to connect with Popcornflix. This website is mainly for those who love comedy and thriller movies with non-stop entertainment.


After reading the above info, you can learn about the best websites that can help you to learn about the best movies for spending your free time with something good. Try to stay focused on all the websites to have a better understanding of all the above points.

Tik Tok is a fast-growing platform. There are a huge number of people who have taken up the full-time job of being a creator on this platform. If you have been looking for some ideas then here are a few things that you can keep in mind in order to engage with your audience.

Tips to engage your audience

  • Use popular hashtags – this will make your video more preferred all over the platform
  • Informative videos from specialists are something that easily gets promoted around the platform.
  • Create content in association with other creators
  • You can produce content that is specific to the season like holiday seasons and quarantine at the moment.

  • Tutorials are something that is always more popular than any other kind of video.
  • You can review the latest web series or just express your opinion on this. This trick is especially helpful when it comes to attracting a new audience.
  • You can always create content related to a recent hot topic. This is especially popular in case of a recent happening related to social media.
  • If you are a fashion or beauty creator make sure you tag your brands since it also helps to attract new followers who are interested in the brand.
  • You can conduct contests in order to engage with your audience. Organizing giveaways is also a great way to connect with our existing audience.

These tips are something that will definitely help you to get the best of the platform.

You can easily download videos of any creator

You can download a video directly from the app by clicking on the three-dot icon that appears on the screen. You can also post it across other social media platforms.

So, if you have been looking for – how to download Tiktok videos or tips to engage with your audience you know what to do.

No matter how hard we try, we have to most often end up with much less than be had ever bargained for and what’s more, we start adjusting with it and learn to live with all the compromises by resigning to fate.

There are very few instances when you are provided with golden opportunities of a lifetime and how you leap onto is how the story turns out as the final destination can be achieved only through hard work and determination.

Similarly, the current times are fraught with cut throat competition in various fields where every man is for himself and there are virtually no shortcuts to success unless of course you take the wrong path, which only leads to destruction and people to be on the safer side follow through on this helpful advice.


The social media revolution took place in the mid 2000s and took the entire world by storm where you could create many opportunities of your own like streaming live TV through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many more where there weren’t any restrictions from anyone.

Streaming Live TV is extremely beneficial in this digital age where satellite streams can work wonders for your career and so we are going to see some of the advantages that can be availed.

  • Netflix is the most popular option when it comes to streaming device that is available all over the world despite facing stiff competition from Amazon Prime Video as OTT platforms are slowly but surely taking over TV and movie theatres through web series where you just need to get a subscription at a cheap price
  • Hulu- Although restricted to US, it still is a popular medium even though Netflix rules the roost and it is even more expensive than its erstwhile counterpart