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Around this time of year, many of us are faced with the question of what to buy our mothers for their own special day. Of course we don’t just have to worry about what to buy, but how much to spend. Depending on the amount of money you want to spend, there are a great many options available for you, if you’re willing to do a little legwork. Of course, if you prefer to do your shopping in your pajamas, finger-work is just as good. There are many mother’s day gifts that you can find for your mother or mother-in-law online on , whichever the case may be. Spending an amount under 100 dollars is easy, if you know where you look. Here are just a few ideas, just to get you started.

Amedei Hand-made Chocolates:

Perhaps we should start with the basics. Chocolate works for everyone, and these are special. These chocolates are a veritable symphony of taste that will take your mother away from it all. These hand-made chocolates are filled with a variety of rare and wonderful fillings. The exterior of the chocolate melds perfectly with the interior fillings, ranging from the traditional hazelnut and amaretto to the rare rhubarb and rum cream. These chocolates are wonderful all on their own, or paired with a full-bodied red wine. These chocolates aren’t for the faint of heart, or the faint of wallet.

From Amedei, U.S. – $75.00 for box of 36.

Basile Ivory Beaded Chiffon Silk Stole:

Whether you have the mother with everything, or the mother with just enough, this silk stole from Forzieri is sure to please. Elegance abounds with the silk stole, and it will be equally welcome as an accessory for an evening out, or a lunch with friends on a brisk day. Beautiful beads and sequins form an artistically abstract pattern on the soft fabric.

Imported from Italy – $98.00

Personalized Bathrobe:

Leave no doubt about who belongs in this luxurious robe. This plush microfiber robe is able to be personalized with your mother’s name or, for most discerning tastes, her monogram. This full length robe is way oversized, allowing your mother-in-law to all but disappear in its folds. One size fits most, and features deep pockets, a shawl collar, and deep pockets too keep her hands warm. This robe is available in white, pink, chocolate brown, or scarlet. $89.99

Handmade Leather Journal:

Any mother will appreciate this lovely, thoughtful mother’s day gift. The perfect gift for any mother who likes to spend time among her own thoughts, this journal is bound in Italian leather, and has 150 lined sheets of paper. This acid-free paper is 22lb stock, and will last decades under normal wear. Allow your mother to put her thoughts on paper.

From – $85.00

Silk pajamas:

Silk pajamas are not only for Cadeau meisje 1 jaar, it is also ideal for our beloved mothers. What better Mother’s Day gifts are there than these beautiful silk pajamas. These pajamas have full-length legs and three-quarter sleeves, and the pajamas are bound in white piping. Mother-of-pearl buttons close the silk top, and the whole ensemble comes with a silk travel pouch, so your mother’s new favorite pajamas won’t get damaged when she takes them along with her. $98.00

Arlotta Cashmere Slippers:

Show your mother that you love her all over. These cashmere slippers will make her Mother’s Day gifts the envy of all. Fitted with sueded bottoms so she won’t slip on the bathroom tile, your mother will love these warm, stylish slippers. From – $89.00

Words of Encouragement Sterling Silver Bracelet:

Give your mother the encouragement she needs to get out of bed in the morning. She can take your advice with her wherever she goes with this solid sterling silver cuff bracelet, handmade in Oregon. Raised designs allow your mother to get encouragement just from running her finger along the band itself. $59.99

Carved Wood Necklace:

Show your mother that it’s okay to let out her inner flower-child, at least for a little while. This carved wood necklace has beads of differing sizes and textures. Let your mom be stylish and eco-conscious at the same time.

From – $39.99


Sometimes traditional Mother’s Day gifts are the best. That’s right, guys and gals. It’s okay to send your mother plain old flowers. But, make sure that if you want to send your mother a bouquet AND make sure she knows that you didn’t use it as a last-second gift, send the best. The Mother’s Day Centennial Bouquet will show your mother that she’s tops in your book. Lillies, roses, and snapdragons are just a few of the flowers in this collection. Mom will be speechless when she sees the hand-blown glass vase filled with glorious flowers. She’ll hold a special place in her heart for the unique vase forever as a symbol of your love.

From – $99.95

Vermont Teddy Bears:

It’s true that moms everywhere love unique gifts. So show her that you’re thinking, instead of just throwing money at her. Look to Vermont Teddy Bear to show her just how inventive you can be. Try choosing a bear that will show her personality, or even pick one that will remind her of you.

Reduced-Smoke Cigarettes

A recent alternative is the R J Reynolds Eclipse, a so-called reduced-smoke cigarette. In this system, the tobacco isn’t actually burned at all. The smoker lights the tip of a carbon rod that runs down the middle of the cigarette, separated from the leaf by a glass-fibre sleeve, and effectively vaporizes the tobacco.

Eclipse cigarettes deliver nicotine in the same way that a normal cigarette does, which is why smokers like them; but, despite an inten­sive advertising campaign (in the US), health authorities remain very concerned. Eclipse generates carbon monoxide, which is dangerous to the heart and, in one study, levels of carcinogens such as the nitrosamines, acrolein and benzo(a)pyrene were often much higher than in low-tar cigarette brands. Another potential danger with Eclipse is that the glass insulating fibres could become dislodged and inhaled into the lungs. Their carcinogenic effects in the lungs may be similar to asbestos fibres, but this is as yet unknown. That is why you should try dab rigs under $100 instead of those eclipse cigarettes.

The R J Reynolds company defended its product, saying that Eclipse has been extensively tested and the results independently reviewed; however other bodies such as the American Cancer Society have called for the removal of Eclipse from the market place.

The Smoke and Tobacco-Free Cigarette

There is, however, a new and highly sophisticated system that delivers nicotine directly into the lungs, without smoke – or, indeed, tobacco. This is the Aerocel, which uses controlled chaos and exquisite flow mechanics to produce a spray of nico­tine particles that are uniformly between 0.5 and 2 microns (millionths of a metre) in diameter. Particle size is critically important. Smaller particles are breathed in, then out again, and are lost. Larger particles are deposited in the mouth and throat, leaving a bad taste and irritation, and never reach the lungs at all. But particles in the 0.5 to 2 micron range pass deep into the airways and down into the alveoli where they deliver nicotine directly and rapidly into the bloodstream – just as cigarette smoke does.

A single hand-held system, shaped like a cigarillo, contains enough nicotine to stand in for a packet of 20 and will retail in a broadly similar price band. It satisfies just as cigarettes do, and furnishes all the hand-to-mouth coordination that any smoker could wish for. There is no unpleasant taste or irritation of the throat – in fact, it is effectively a cigarette without the carbon monoxide, and without the carcinogens and free radicals. Another key advantage is that as there is no smoke, there are no passive smokers; clean nicotine can be used in the company without offending bystanders or putting them at risk. It can be used in no-smoking areas, and even on flights.

The Aerocel has not yet been tested in terms of its ability to help smokers give up, and it is, frankly, likely to be just as addic­tive as cigarettes. But if I was a smoker and could not give up the habit, I would switch to this system immediately to reduce my risk of smoking-related disease. And I would not be con­cerned about weight gain as there would be no nicotine with­drawal symptoms, and there would be no oral compensation needed.

The only problem will be if you live in the European Union. Although these Aerocels will be sold in the Americas and in the Middle and the Far East by mid-to-late 2006, Brussels will almost certainly deem them to be too radical for Europeans to use. This means that we will have to go on dying of tobacco-related dis­eases in large numbers or buy them over the internet.

Smokers need extra supplements of vitamins and minerals to repair the damage done by cigarettes. Ensure you’re obtaining these either through your diet or, more reliably, via supplements. We know that life and dietary habits can reduce the risk of tobacco-induced illness. For example, the French smoke as much or more than the British or Americans, yet suffer less heart disease, due, it is thought, to a healthier diet and higher levels of physical activity.

Money, it seems like we never have enough these days. With the cost of items skyrocketing many people are turning to the internet to bring in some extra money. However, they are in for a shock when they sign up for some of the sites online that tell them they will make 24000 in the next ten minutes just by doing these few steps. I know that some of these programs work if you have been around long enough and are willing to do what they do not tell you and work hard at the job, if you are interested in such schemes then you can read the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review and learn about another effective scheme! Imagine that to make that kind of money you have to work hard. However, then some people that are talented enough to write decide to try to make money by writing.

Making money online by writing is not as hard as it seems. The hard part is trying to figure out what sites are legitimate and which ones will pay you on a regular basis or which ones will pay, but it will be based strictly on ad clicks from your article. I know that I have made some money by writing online, but I have to work hard to make money writing online. There is that W word again, work. Now I am hoping that doesn’t scare some people away, but you must remember that to make money in anything you have to work. Even the people that invent items and make billions had to work to get where they are.

However, if you decide you want to make money online you will be presented with so many programs that it’s not funny. I know that many people will tell you a variety of websites that are available. I know that for making money online one thing that you probably will not want to do is pay to write. That is I know that a lot of websites will submit to multiple venues for you and if you get a decent amount of money then it will be worth it, but typically those are based on ad revenue. Once you do find a legitimate site to write for money on you and get published you can branch out into freelance writing. While freelance writing is not a steady income you can decide how much you want to work on your writing for money projects.

Making money online with writing is a great thing to do and does provide you with some extra money each month. However, until you get really good at writing you will not become instantly rich. I do know that many of the articles that you will write though you can find an affiliate product to promote with the article as well and that you can earn quite a bit of money with your writing if you do marketing as well.

Now, multiplayer game is taking over the whole of the video-game world. Here, same kind of gaming environment is being enjoyed by multiple players and that too simultaneously. Though many multiplayer games are now being played online but poker is the most popular and interesting one amongst all. Challenging phases or turns of this kind of video-game can be overcome only if you learn about the best tricks that can improve your gaming performance.

Key tricks for having an improved gaming performance:

  • The internet connection should be stable enough otherwise you will not be able to play the game uninterruptedly. In this case, using broadband will be quite a wiser move than using mobile internet-data.
  • Graphic settings of your chosen game need to be reduced for enjoying a perfect gaming speed. On the other hand, the system’s hardware will also function well during the game.
  • Ping is the one that practically decides your gaming speed and if you can get it stabilized the in that case you can make your moves smoothly and conveniently.
  • If multiple heavy applications depending on internet go on at the time of gaming then your game might get interrupted all of a sudden. Therefore, you are strongly recommended closing them off for saving your data for playing the game with a desirable amount of speed.

Beginners are always advised to try out their hands first through repeated practice. Bigger screen and comfortable controller can enhance the gaming enjoyment to a great extent. You should also look for a customized control for maintaining acute perfection. Skill-level can be boosted up only if you follow the videos where experts playing the game. These videos will definitely enhance your confidence level. You should always play the game in a completely peaceful mind otherwise your concentration-level might fluctuate badly as a result of which you might lose the game.

When West Hartford, Connecticut area consumers are seeking to purchase a new carpet or rug, they have come to rely on the expert sales and service provided by the four carpet and rug dealers profiled in this consumer guide. A wide variety of sizes, styles and prices are offerd at the featured dealers. Whatever the customer’s choice, they will be treated fairly at each of the top carpet and rug dealers in West Hartford, Ct listed here.

John Boyle Decorating Centers..1230 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, Ct..(860)233-4455

This professional and comprehensive decorating center not only stocks and sells top- quality carpets and rugs, but they also carry a full line of paints, wallpaper and window coverings. Top- of- the- line sales, service and selection are hallmarks of this excellent retailer.

Goldsmith and Lombardo..586 New Park Ave, West Hartford, Ct..(860)523-5003

Since 1928, this trusted and reliable carpet and rug dealer has been providing local residents with top- quality carpets and rugs, and ceramic, laminate and hardwood floors. In 2002, they consolidated their two former locations and moved into their spacious location in West Hartford, Ct. The selection of carpet and rugs available at this establishment is one of the largest in the West Hartford, Ct area. Brand names featured here include; Laura Ashley,Courista, Fabric, Karastan, Ralph Lauren, Masland, Prestige Mill and Stanton. A wide variety of elegant and luxurious area rugs, hooked rugs and Oriental rugs are available from this dealer in many designs and colors. In addition to the brand names already listed, they also carry rugs by Concepts International and Weavetuft. Besides offering a vast selection of carpets and rugs, this West Hartford, Ct business also offers expert advice concerning care and cleaning of all types of flooring.

Kaoud Oriental Rugs..17 South Main St, West Hartford, Ct..(860)232-3230

With four locations throughout Ct and Massachusetts, Kaoud Oriental Rugs consistently strives to provide not only the finest Oriental rugs available, but to offer professional and courteous service as well. Overall, they feature an inventory of over 10,000 Oriental rugs from China, India and Iran all at competitive direct import prices. Specialists in new and antique Oriental rugs, this West Hartford, Ct carpet and rug dealer offers a wide variety of unusually- shaped rugs. Octagon, oval, round and square rugs can be found in a multitude of colors, designs and patterns here. Oversized rugs and hall and stair runners are also regularly available here. At this luxurious carpet dealer showroom, they features many examples of hand and machine- made traditional and contemporary Oriental rugs, plus a broad selection of tapestries and wall hangings. At their West Hartford, Ct location, Kaoud offers expert appraisals, cleaning and repairs. They also buy old Oriental rugs and pay very competitive prices for quality items.

Pasha’s Oriental Rugs..921 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, Ct..(860)233-8188

Located at the edge of West Hartford Center, near Blue Back Square, Pasha’s features an attractive, modern showroom filled with a wide assortment of beautiful Persian, Turkmen and Caucasian rugs. An impressive selection of top- quality Indian and Chinese carpets, as well as a host of tribal weavings are also available here. Being a full- service Oriental rug store, Pasha’s also offers expert carpet and rug cleaning, odor removal, mothproofing and stain protection. As a special service, this West Hartford, Ct carpet and rug dealer will match rugs with customers’ fabric samples, in order to find the ideal rug for any room. Besides offering one of the finest selections of new and antique handmade Oriental rugs and carpets, Pasha’s also purchases pre- owned Oriental rugs and offers consignment sales.

Urban planning and design have taken leaps and bounds in recent years with a strong focus on green space and a growing desire to take part in environmentally-conscious initiatives. As developers and landscapers coordinate projects for new construction, both residential and commercial buildings are offering new and innovative ways to improve outdoor landscapes, streetscapes, and urban sites.

Vegetative planning and design has evolved to developments in ecoroofs; ecoroofs are an exciting format and layout for buildings that capture the concept of a garden sitting atop anything from a garage, industrial building, or even single-family home. If you’ve ever wondered if there’s space available for your own garden beyond your land lots around your home, consider the possibilities of an ecoroof. Whether it’s a flat or sloped structure, the garden can be cultivated and maintained from a (literally) new angle!

Ecoroofs contain levels of layers comprised of asphalt, synthetic material, and real soil. The materials are pulled together with water-proof membranes to help create natural barriers for water runoff and drainage. In Europe, ecoroofs are being made with recycled clay for roof tiles. Recycled clay has been prized as a strong growing medium for fresh vegetation and irrigation. Eco roofs make use of vegetation mats, potted plants, and seed strings to create beautiful and flourishing mini-scapes.

The impact of ecoroofs on the environment has enormous positive potential. There are multiple benefits of a vegetated roof system that can offer a distinct design and layout for many sites. Plant enthusiasts and communities can benefit from an increased gardening workspace, but also contribute to healthy plant life, insects, and even animal habitats. Large-scale ecoroofs such as those found on large apartment complexes, housing structures, and commercial buildings show promise of neighborhood-cultivated communities. They provide a unique and dynamic space for growth, design, and harmony with the natural environment.

Re-roofing and installation can take time, energy, and resources, but the final product can be very rewarding. Re-roofing costs to cultivate an ecoroof on a standard home can range from $15-$20 per square foot for new construction, and $20-$25 per square foot for reconstruction. A building permit is also required from your city’s office of planning and development.

Whether you’re interested in cultivating a garden, a small landscape project, or adding a unique feature to your building or complex, an ecoroof is a growing trend that offers a fresh take on city-based greenscapes and structure. According to the Portland, Oregon Bureau of Environmental Services, an ecoroof can significantly reduce an area’s erosion and pollution levels, and possibility save various forms of wildlife and wildlife habitat. As more urban developers and planners pick up on the concept and trends across busy city centers, we may have an opportunity for some new landscape designs and raising awareness for sustainable environments.

The commercials are all over the television, claiming that Smooth Away is the best new way to remove unwanted hair; they say that it is simple, easy to use and painless, and even exfoliates your skin. But what are the cons to this ‘miracle’ product, is this really the end to razor blades and shaving gel, bumps and dry, ‘knicked’ up skin, or should we not be so quick to toss those blades in the bin?

Upon receiving my Smooth Away system, I had recently shaved my legs and decided to wait for the hair to fully re-grow before testing the new product. The advertisements say that millions of tiny micro crystals finely remove hair, since I didn’t really understand what that meant;

I wasn’t sure where the ‘crystalized’ hair would go. I decided that I would sit on the floor of the bathroom with an old towel under my legs.

The instructions said that I should rub one way in a circular motion and then in the other way, and that the legs would be smooth, hairless and exfoliated. As I proceeded to do this it quickly became apparent that a significant amount of pressure would need to be applied while rubbing the pad in the circular motion in order to see the results. I have to admit it really was quite amazing, the hair was disappearing, although I’m not really sure where it went, and my skin on my leg was so exfoliated that it was a different color than my other leg, it even had that tingly sensation you get after a facial at the spa. However this was after 10 minutes of circular rubbing in opposite directions, and I was only done one leg!

My husband decided to try it on his beard and chest, as the commercial says that it is ideal for men as well. My Husband being of African American descent has a thicker, coarser hair than mine. He found that it was very difficult almost impossible on his rougher beard, and still difficult but manageable on his chest hair. As he regularly has his ankles taped for sports he regularly shaves them as well, and found that the Smooth Away system worked for his ankles. However the time factor, as well as the less than perfect results he experienced, discouraged him from replacing his razor.

I asked a girlfriend, of East Indian descent, if she would try it on her arms and legs, while her hair is straight, it is thick and and plentiful. She did not find it any more difficult than I had, and also enjoyed the exfoliation part of the process. However also like myself, she was discouraged by the lengthy amount of time it took, as well, with the amount of work needed to see the results.

The Smooth Away system is a great alternative to shaving, or other hair removal methods, however when purchasing the product I wouldn’t be so quick to assume shaving is a thing of the past. While the exfoliation aspect of the Smooth Away, and its low cost, make it an ideal addition to your beauty routine, there are numerous negative aspects that add fault to it.

Firstly, in order to see results you need to apply significant pressure to the pad while using it, therefore some may say it is a lot of work, however to determine just how much work it is; you would need to determine someone’s definition of a lot of work! Secondly, from start to finish the process of removing hair is very time consuming, and could not be done properly if you only had a few minutes to get out the door!

Lastly, the crystal pads used to remove the hair wear out after time and need to be replaced, depending on where and when you purchase the system, you get a number of replacement pads, however when they run out they need to be ordered, which is time consuming, costly, and a bit of a hassle.

I believe that the Smooth Away system is a great compliment to your hair removal products; it most likely will not replace anything for you. I personally use mine less than I thought I would, however I find that I get my total money’s worth, when I use it prior to hitting the beach, since the dead skin has been removed, your legs tan easier and faster!

With school beginning and summer drawing to a close, Christmas will be upon us before we know it and grandparents all over will be asking “what do I get my grandchild that they really want?” I can tell you this, from one mothers’ point of view, there is nothing like time spent with a grandparent to brighten a child’s day.

And even if you are miles apart there are so many ways you can keep in touch with your grandchildren. Believe me when I say, that even implementing one of the ideas listed below will prove to pass the test of time with your grandchildren in a way that no plastic doll or electronic gadget can. The list below comes not from your pocketbook but from your heart and to a child, that is the best gift of all.

1. set up a “regular” time you call to talk to the kiddos…not Mom or Dad just kiddos then they know THEY are the important ones!

2. video tape yourself reading age appropriate books and send it to them along with a copy of the book so they can “read along” if they want to!….that way they will always have Grandma to read to them if Mom or Dad are too busy or they simply want to connect with you!

3. Send them 2 craft kits with a self addressed envelope so they can send back one of the creations to you….that way you have a connection (key chain kits are always a hit for the “backpack” crowd)

4. write them an ACTUAL letter….not email but a REAL letter they can hold in their hand…it needn’t be
a lot…even a note tells them you are thinking of them!

5. take pictures of yourself around the house or better yet have someone follow you around one day and videotape your day….if the grandkids have access to a camera they can do the same….these can be GREAT fun to share!

6. join a social network such as and start your own private family group. Publish a note to your grandchild every day with a riddle or question they have to find the answer to. OR help them with their homework online. The internet offers so many ways to keep in touch these days!

7. Send them an 18″ square of muslin (if you send 2 or 3 they will have some practice ones too) and a small tube of fabric paint…ask them to put their handprint on the square and send it back to you…then make one of your own hand…..using these 2 squares, make a pillow for them edging the squares in fabric that matches their room……that way they always have you close!

There are so many simple ways to connect with your grandchild. Even a simple note, handwritten by you to arrive with the afternoon mail is special. I know, I have letters my grandmother wrote me over 30 years ago and they are still as special today as they were when I opened them three decades ago

If you have elementary-age school children, and you want them to learn how to make healthy choices to eat better and get more exercise, The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective by Kaiser Permanente is something you should add to your list of acceptable Web sites for your children to visit.

The free online video game was developed for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. The site is based on the games, and former PBS TV show, Where In The World is Carmen San Diego.

The graphics and sounds are wonderful. Both you and your child will enjoy playing The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective game. My nine year old nephew loved playing this game — and so did I!

To play The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective Game, you’re given an assignment to investigate and solve for each child, specific to that child’s health problem. While there are areas where the ability to read is beneficial, the main investigator explains nearly everything that you need to know to “solve” a case.

  • The scenarios they depict and want you to investigate are common to many children. The children and their health issues are:
  • Cole – Eats too much junk food
  • Catherine – Not very strong
  • Michael – Doesn’t exercise enough
  • Antonia – Needs to play more
  • Emily – Eats too much
  • Enrique – Teeth and bones are weak
  • Matthew – Tired all of the time
  • Althea – Skips breakfast

When you click on a child, the main investigator will tell you what the problem is, and give you clues to “solve” it. It could be clicking on a soccer ball to indicate getting more exercise and less TV, to choosing a quick and healthy breakfast. While it helps to read, the game is intuitive enough and the main investigator tells you enough that you could play it without being able to read. Play it with your child anyway, you’ll help your child learn and have fun together at the same time.

After solving the case, there are two additional options. Each character that you investigate has a series of three short mini-games that reinforce the solution to their problem, and each also has a series of activities that you can print and do off-line.

The online mini-games are quick and fun. Your child will love going back to them over and over again. The games are specific to the health concern, and serve as a great reinforcement for healthy behavior.

One of the off-line activities is always a healthy recipe, and other items to print that are fun, handy and useful.

For instance, one of the off-line activities is a healthy goal setting chart. The chart is designed to be used for the entire month, and include such things as “I watched less than one hour of TV or video games,” and “I ate 3 to 4 cups of fruits and vegetables.” I liked the charts so much that I’ve printed some for my own family to use, and my daughter is in high school!

You’re probably thinking, great, another video game that will suck my child into the black hole of video games. Nope, not this one. When the game senses that you’ve been playing long enough, it stops and forces you to take a break – and the main investigator even tells you that it’s time to get active!

Best of all, this site is available in English, or in Spanish.

If you want to encourage your kids to learn healthy habits, playing the free online game, The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective is a great way to teach them, and reinforce, healthy behaviors that will help them for life.

I can’t wait for the next installment.

Kundalini yogis believe that energy exists, like a coiled snake, at the base of the spine. Through Kundalini yoga, this energy can be released to travel upward along the spine, causing spiritual awakening. Kundalini energy is carried through three nadis, or channels. The shushumna is parallel to the spine, and the ida and pingala, which spiral around the spine. The intersection of the channels forms the chakras, or energy centers of the body. 

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Yoga Journal has featured a number of Kundalini yoga teachers over the years. One of the most popular is Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. Born Mary May Gibson in rural Illinois, Kaur Khalsa has had a lot of unusual experiences. She attended San Francisco State in the 1960s. After that, she lived in a tent with a friend, doing without money or a car and scrounging for food. She moved to Maui, where she lived for three years before moving back to California. She became a Sikh after a friend introduced her to Kundalini yoga at an ashram in Tucson, Arizona in 1970, where she met Yogi Bhajan.

Today, Kaur Khalsa has her own yoga studio, Golden Bridge Yoga, which has locations in Los Angeles, California, and in New York City. Kaur Khalsa also teaches meditation and pre- and post-natal care. She has several books and DVDs out on the market.

The Three Gurus

The following three gurus have been friends since the 1970s, and all took their vows from the late Swami Muktananda.

Swami Shankarananda was born in New York and migrated to Melbourne, Australia. He is the spiritual director of the Shiva School of Meditation and Yoga. He is also a meditation master in the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. He has been a member of the Columbia University national chess championship team and a United States chess master. He has also taught Renaissance poetry and English literature at Indiana University. He met American guru Ram Dass in 1970. He then traveled to India and studied with several important masters of meditation and yoga.

Shankarananda uses a classical practice, which involves bringing attention to the primary chakras, and asking oneself a series of questions. He also uses deep breathing and mantra chanting in his meditations.

Swami Chetananda, the abbot of the Nityananda Institute in Portland, Oregon comes from a different tradition. His spiritual lineage is descended from Ghagawan Nityananda, a renowned Indian sage. Chetananda was ordained in 1978, and has traveled extensively. He studied Kashmir Shaivism in Srinigar from 1980 to 1986. He adopted the practice of Triki Yoga, which regards every ethnic group and lifestyle as equal.

Chetananda understands the difficulty in silencing the mind. He believes that by focusing on the breath and the flow of energy through the body, the mind’s thoughts will become like background static.

Master Charles Cannon is the founder of the Synchronicity Foundation in Faber, Virginia. He uses technology-enhanced music to assist students with their meditative efforts. He has an educational background in the arts and philosophy. He spent many years in India studying with Paramahamsa Muktananda. He has been ordained as a monk in the Vedic/Tantric tradition. His CDs use Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology (HVET) in specific frequency ranges. The Synchronicity Alpha series, for example, are in the Alpha range of 8 – 14 Hz. Synchronicity Theta soundtracks feature a lower vibration of around 3.5 – 7 Hz, for a deeper meditative experience. Synchronicity Delta soundtracks are recorded in the Delta range of 0 – 3.5 Hz for the deepest form of meditation.