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Tired of slogging for hours in the gym every day and still not able to get the desired results? Well, you are not the only one struggling to decode the science to a dream body! Most guys join a gym with an aim to get big arms, chest and shoulders in a very short span of time. Such guys end up trying relentlessly day in and day out without any significant gains in their muscle size.

Muscles are broken in gym, made in kitchen, it is said! The biggest misconception that people have is that pumping heavy weights in the gym will result in bigger muscles. The truth is that, muscles are not made in the gym, they are only broken there. The real work is done by good and wholesome nutrition which refuels the broken muscles and bring muscle gains over the time.

However, the amounts of nutrients and vitamins which a body requires for visible size gains need huge amounts of food consumption, impossible for a person to have on a daily basis. For this purpose, certain supplements are there in the market which can help in meeting the daily health nutritional goals of the body.

5 Best Supplements For Building Muscle

Whey Protein Supplements

Proteins are the building blocks of the body and Whey protein is the king of muscle gaining protein supplements and a testosterone booster. Whey protein has high amounts of branched-chain amino acids (BCCAs) and is the easiest and fastest form of protein which the body can digest.

Whey protein acts fast and gets absorbed very quickly, increasing the blood flow in muscles, hence are best consumed soon after workout. Some popular Whey protein supplements- Optimum Gold Standard 100% Whey, Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Isolate, Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey, MusclePharm Combat, MuscleTech Phase8 etc.


Creatine is a sum total of three amino acids namely arginine, glycine and methionine, and occurs naturally inside out muscle cells. Creatine is known to provide tremendous strength and weight gains to its users and enhances performance in the gym.

Creatine helps in water retention in muscles which result in noticeable size gains in them. The most popular form of creatine supplement is Creatine Monohydrate. Some popular Creatine supplements- Optimum Micronized Creatine, MusclePharm Creatine, BSN Cellmass 2.0, Universal Nutrition Creatine etc.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Leucine, isoleucine and valine are called BCAAs which are most important for recovering and building muscles and tissues. BCAAs improve workout results by driving nutrients to the muscle tissues.

They are burnt during intense workouts and hence the consumption of BCAAs restores the same nutrients which you lose during workout. BCAAs also contribute in increasing the endurance of the body by keeping the muscles fuelled. Some popular BCAAs supplements- Optimum BCAA 1000 Caps, MusclePharma BCAA 3:1:2, Gaspari Nutrition BCAA, Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 etc.

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This is one of the most important amino acid and has been one of the favourite supplements of gym goers for size gains as it increases the levels of leucine in muscles. Glutamine helps in preventing muscle breakdown and strengthens the immune system of the body.

Glutamine elevates endurance and helps in lifting heavier weights pushing the muscles to their limits, encouraging lean muscle mass. It is also effective for muscle recovery and removes fatigue. Some popular Glutamine supplements- Optimum Glutamine 1000 Caps, BSN CellMass 2.0, MusclePharm Glutamine etc.

Nitrix Oxide Boosters

NO Booster supplements are a recent addition to list of muscle enhancing supplements over a last few years. Such supplements increase blood flow in muscles by dilating the blood vessels, in the process enhances muscle pump after the workout session. Not only it provides better performance during workout, NO Boosters also help in better muscle recovery due to enhanced supply of oxygen in them. Some popular NO Booster supplements- VPX Sports NO Shotgun, NO Xplode, Myonox etc.

Gaining serious muscle is something that is done by athletes and serious body builders. A lot of perseverance and hard work is needed for that. Protein supplements are very necessary if you need those additional muscles to pop out. The person must maintain a good and a healthy diet in order to do well and reach his goal. 

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Benefits of Treating Gynecomastia Naturally

Gynecomastia is not only a physical condition that men have to deal with, but an emotional one as well. Since our society places such a heavy emphasis on physical appearances, it makes things like removing your shirt difficult to do when you have the man boob condition. Gynecomastia and man boobs are two terms that essentially mean the same thing. Over the years excess fat and tissue in the chest area have further perpetuated the gynecomastia.

In recent years, the number of cases of gynecomastia suggest that more men have this condition than people may think. Adolescence has a natural part to play with gynecomastia, but normally it subsides in time. There are some cases in older men but over weight men are at risk too. Other conditions which are more serious in nature are rare but can also cause the condition. Believe it or not, some tumors secrete hormones that can cause this to occur. It is also rare, but Klinefelter’s syndrome can cause enlarged male breasts. In order to determine the cause being obesity or something else, it’s best to get a evaluation performed by a doctor.

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If you are overweight, exercises which target the chest area and that generally burn fat can help reduce your man boobs. It has been found that a side effect of certain drugs and medications can cause gynecomastia. It’s understandable that some men want to get rid of their man boobs quickly and as a result, they opt for surgery. The cost is usually offset by getting back your confidence. Going under the knife is something that most people try to avoid if they can and that’s way it’s good to find out some natural ways to lose man boobs.

Exercise can play a vital role in reducing gynecomastia by doing fat burning exercises specifically targetted for the chest area. Overweight men should consider getting involved with workouts that burn fat as well as exercises that target reducing fat in the chest because by doing this, you will have a better chance of reducing your man boobs.

Lastly, on a interrelated observation, potential pathologic causes of gynecomastia are: medications including hormones, increased serum estrogen, decreased testosterone production, androgen receptor defects, chronic kidney disease, chronic liver disease, HIV,and other chronic illness.

Furthermore, on one more associated observation, the reported incidence of gynecomastia in Klinefelter syndrome varies widely from 56% to 88%.

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If you are hoping to make use of a feminine wash in order to better your hygiene, here are a few simple steps you may take to get some of the best results. Pulling out the best feminine wash is perhaps the very first step when you go on to use it safely. 

Opting for Feminine Wash

  • Pick a mild, organic soap. 

While it is not essential to wash genitalia using the soap as this region is self-cleansing, several people opt to do it to feel cleaner. 

  • Avoid fragrant soaps or additional liquids to counter irritability. 

Fancy soaps including fragrances are not healthy to utilize on the body’s most delicate parts and may cause redness or itchiness.

  • Look out for commodities with a misleading label. 

Several feminine washes will go on to claim on their bottles saying, they assist your body to maintain that healthy pH level or will keep that vagina super clean. But, that vagina goes on to maintain its pH level on its own is also self-cleaning, so it does not require extra soap.

Washing Safely

  • Use a little amount of gentle soap with lukewarm water. 
  • Use your hand or washcloth to clean that area with water that is soapy. 
  • Avoid putting sprays or soap in a vagina. As said, the vagina is very much self-cleaning, it doesn’t require to be cleaned with any sort of products. 
  • Rinse your vagina with water completely to get cleared of all the soap. Splatter clean water across the area numerous times.
  • Pat your vagina dry with some soft towel. Use the clean towel to pat your vagina dry once you are out of the shower. 

Hopefully, this guide will help you all the ladies out there to clean your vulva well, in case you use feminine wash.


The Weekend Diet is very common. There is a good chance that either you are on the Weekend Diet, or you know somebody else who is on it. As you can probably guess, the Weekend Diet is when you go on a diet all week long and then allow yourself to indulge during the weekend. The concept seems reasonable, as it is highly unlikely that you will lose any weight at all if you do not allow yourself to indulge from time to time. Does the Weekend Diet really work, though? Will you see long-term weight loss through this diet? Is the Weekend Diet a diet that you should seriously consider for yourself? Here, we will take a much closer look at some the things that you should take into consideration before going on the Weekend Diet yourself.

Is the Weekend Diet Healthy?

The Weekend Diet is always looked at as a healthy alternative to eating bad all the time. While this may be true in certain cases, there is something that you should be sure to take into consideration. Let’s pretend you eat healthy salads with low fat dressing all week long. You don’t allow yourself any carbs or any protein in fear of adding a pound. Then, the weeekend rolls along. Now comes the “fun” part of your Weekend Diet. You can indulge in anything that you want between Friday night and Sunday night. On Friday night, you go to the movies. There, you consume a large tub of extra-buttery popcorn, a box of candy and a large soda. Saturday, you go out to brunch with some friends where you order a breakfast that consists of 3 pancakes that you drizzle with syrup, two eggs with bacon, extra bacon on the side, two pieces of toast and orange juice. Saturday night, you have a big dinner at some restaurant. Then, Saturday night rolls along, and you go to the bar where you have a few drinks – which are all very high in calories. Sunday morning, you decide to get donuts. Wait, better yet, let’s make that a croissant sandwich with hash browns from a fast food restaurant. Sunday night, you also have a large dinner – with ice cream for dessert. Monday morning comes along, and you are back to your salads diet for the week. Do you really think that this is healthy for you? Indulging from time to time is one thing but completely pigging out three days out of four every week is another thing. Allowing yourself treats throughout the week would be much healthier than eating all of your treats in three days.

Will the Weekend Diet Lead to Weight Loss?

Most people do not see long-term weight loss when they go on the Weekend Diet. The most important thing that you should take into consideration is that it is not bad to indulge from time to time, as previously mentioned. Since people do tend to spend more time with friends, family members and loved ones during the weekend, it makes sense that anyone would want to go on the Weekend Diet. Making healthier choices, however, is the best way to go. For example, instead of ordering that large tub of popcorn on Friday night, opt ofr a small tub of popcorn. Instead of ordering pancakes, eggs, bacon and toast, why not eat eggs and healthier turkey bacon? Portion control, calorie limitations and healthier choices in general are the best ways to lose weight. Dieting all week long and eating everything in sight all weekend long is not going to lead to long-term weight loss for you. You need to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself in order to see long-term weight loss. This cannot be done until you go off the Weekend Diet.

Weekend diets are basically a necessary precaution that you need to take up in parallel with cardio exercises as both are the core basic structures of weight loss alongwith regularly taking leptoconnect, which is an excellent fat burner.

As you can see, there is a lot that you should be sure to take into consideration before choosing to go on the Weekend Diet. Although the idea of indulging for three days out of four may sound very appealing to you, the truth in the matter is that doing so is not at all healthy. Trying out other weight loss methods before trying out the Weekend Diet is probably your best option.

Reduced-Smoke Cigarettes

A recent alternative is the R J Reynolds Eclipse, a so-called reduced-smoke cigarette. In this system, the tobacco isn’t actually burned at all. The smoker lights the tip of a carbon rod that runs down the middle of the cigarette, separated from the leaf by a glass-fibre sleeve, and effectively vaporizes the tobacco.

Eclipse cigarettes deliver nicotine in the same way that a normal cigarette does, which is why smokers like them; but, despite an inten­sive advertising campaign (in the US), health authorities remain very concerned. Eclipse generates carbon monoxide, which is dangerous to the heart and, in one study, levels of carcinogens such as the nitrosamines, acrolein and benzo(a)pyrene were often much higher than in low-tar cigarette brands. Another potential danger with Eclipse is that the glass insulating fibres could become dislodged and inhaled into the lungs. Their carcinogenic effects in the lungs may be similar to asbestos fibres, but this is as yet unknown. That is why you should try dab rigs under $100 instead of those eclipse cigarettes.

The R J Reynolds company defended its product, saying that Eclipse has been extensively tested and the results independently reviewed; however other bodies such as the American Cancer Society have called for the removal of Eclipse from the market place.

The Smoke and Tobacco-Free Cigarette

There is, however, a new and highly sophisticated system that delivers nicotine directly into the lungs, without smoke – or, indeed, tobacco. This is the Aerocel, which uses controlled chaos and exquisite flow mechanics to produce a spray of nico­tine particles that are uniformly between 0.5 and 2 microns (millionths of a metre) in diameter. Particle size is critically important. Smaller particles are breathed in, then out again, and are lost. Larger particles are deposited in the mouth and throat, leaving a bad taste and irritation, and never reach the lungs at all. But particles in the 0.5 to 2 micron range pass deep into the airways and down into the alveoli where they deliver nicotine directly and rapidly into the bloodstream – just as cigarette smoke does.

A single hand-held system, shaped like a cigarillo, contains enough nicotine to stand in for a packet of 20 and will retail in a broadly similar price band. It satisfies just as cigarettes do, and furnishes all the hand-to-mouth coordination that any smoker could wish for. There is no unpleasant taste or irritation of the throat – in fact, it is effectively a cigarette without the carbon monoxide, and without the carcinogens and free radicals. Another key advantage is that as there is no smoke, there are no passive smokers; clean nicotine can be used in the company without offending bystanders or putting them at risk. It can be used in no-smoking areas, and even on flights.

The Aerocel has not yet been tested in terms of its ability to help smokers give up, and it is, frankly, likely to be just as addic­tive as cigarettes. But if I was a smoker and could not give up the habit, I would switch to this system immediately to reduce my risk of smoking-related disease. And I would not be con­cerned about weight gain as there would be no nicotine with­drawal symptoms, and there would be no oral compensation needed.

The only problem will be if you live in the European Union. Although these Aerocels will be sold in the Americas and in the Middle and the Far East by mid-to-late 2006, Brussels will almost certainly deem them to be too radical for Europeans to use. This means that we will have to go on dying of tobacco-related dis­eases in large numbers or buy them over the internet.

Smokers need extra supplements of vitamins and minerals to repair the damage done by cigarettes. Ensure you’re obtaining these either through your diet or, more reliably, via supplements. We know that life and dietary habits can reduce the risk of tobacco-induced illness. For example, the French smoke as much or more than the British or Americans, yet suffer less heart disease, due, it is thought, to a healthier diet and higher levels of physical activity.

Before you begin your Yoga session it is important to find the right location and establish a relaxed and focused ambience.

It is important to ensure that your environment is a pleasurable Yoga space. Yoga is a time for observation and relaxation, so choose a place where you know you can relax and not be disturbed

In preparing your environment, there are practical things to consider such as the need for enough space for a Yoga mat. You should also look for a warm, well-ventilated room with soft or natural light. Other additions will help your mind to focus and unwind; these could include some ambient music, a scented candle or incense.

By observing how your body responds to each Yoga position, you will slowly be taken out of the mind and ushered into the body, giving you greater clarity of thought and a feeling of total inner peace.

Many Yoga practitioners find that music is helpful during their Yoga session as it encourages the mind and body to relax. Try your Yoga session with and without music and see which works best for you. You may find that silence is helpful for the Asanas, but music is beneficial for the final relaxation – experiment and make your own decision. If a person wants to start a yoga session, then a visit should be made at There can be availability of music and other things for the engagements. The listening of the music will be beneficial for the person to get the desired results.

It is important that attention is given to the body and breath and that if music is to be played, it does not distract you from correctly performing the Asanas.

Soft instrumental music, music for meditation and relaxation, or music with the sounds of nature is often best for the practice of Yoga. Avoid music with a strong beat as it may affect your natural rhythm of breathing. The music should help you relax into the poses, not make you forget that you are having a Yoga session.

To get the most out of your Yoga sessions you should find a suitable space and furnish it with all the items that you will need, such as a Yoga mat and cushions.

Your space:

Make sure that you have plenty of room to move freely through the Asanas, having at least 2-3 feet of additional space on each side of the body. Move all furniture with sharp angles far away from your head, and place fragile objects such as vases far away from where you’ll be practicing.

Your Yoga mat:

Unroll your yoga mat in the center of your cleared space. The Yoga mat is designed to keep your feet and hands from slipping while you are holding the poses and is made of a thin material that is designed to cushion the body through the Asanas when you are practicing on a hard floor.

Using a cushion:

A cushion and blanket are also handy to keep by your side when practicing Yoga. A cushion will aid you in various Asanas such as the Headstand by offering extra support for the head.

A cushion can make the Easy Sitting Position more comfortable to perform; simply sit on the cushion while in meditation. You might also want to use a cushion while practicing advanced balancing poses such as the Crow to protect your face and head it you happen to lose your balance.

A blanket is also helpful, to keep the body warm while you are in deep meditation, in a pose such as the Corpse Pose. It can also be folded up to serve as your cushion.

Yoga Music:

Before making your way to your mat, turn on any music that you may have selected for your Yoga session. It should always be relaxing music kept at a soft volume, allowing you to relax into the Yoga poses without having the music take over the session. Play the CD on the continuous play to avoid having to leave your session to hit the play button.

The start”

You are now ready to begin your Yoga session. Before moving into the Asanas, at least five minutes of preparatory meditation is recommended. Warm-up exercises such as the Sun Salutation, neck and shoulder exercises, and leg raises should follow the meditation, and precede the first Headstand Asana.