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The share pro website was launched in 2020 and is owned by, a music industry expert with over a decade of experience in music publishing history, particularly specializing in indie music and helping artists from all over the world to kick start their music career.  You can submit songs to labels on the website, and the tastemakers and pros will start reviewing and sharing them to bring more likes, views, play, and shares.  To start the process, you will first have to make an account following which you will get submission credits, and then you need to make a payment of at least $1 to initiate the task.

What is the time duration within which I can expect a reply from the tastemakers?

Often, you will get a reply within 48 hours of your song submission.   If not so, then the $1 amount that you spent earlier would be refunded back into your submission credit account.  This is because share Pro keeps the track record of all the tastemakers and their deadlines.

What to do when I don’t get a reply from the tastemaker?

In case your song does not get reviewed within 48 hours, and you do not receive any feedback. According to the terms and policies of share Pro, the tastemaker to which you submitted your song will refund all the credits that you submitted back into your account.  This makes sure that none of your credits gets wasted.  Moreover, the tastemaker details section accurately displays the amount of time that will generally be taken by them to review and give feedback on your song.  All the credits that get refunded to your account can be used by you for submitting more songs later.