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Change control is the control which isn’t just means for the applications as there are many other things like database which requires change. So database change control is the process which will be going to help in changing the controls of the database. If you want to know about the steps then all you need to do is stay till the end of this article.

By this you will come to know about how things will be going to get and also how tough or easy database change control is. Most of the people think that it is easy which is why they are wrong. Database change control requires proper knowledge and database administrator who can access the files.

Steps to be considered are as follows

Plenty of steps are there which is why we are going to focus on the essential one only as that thing will only be able to provide the proper understanding about the control system. Below are the steps-

  1. Priority- Number one thing you should do is set up the priority of the data like from A to F and this thing will be going to help you out in many ways.  A here means immediate importance required and on the other hand F means the change that can happen anytime.
  2. Do research- You should do some research on the objects like which objects in the database which will be going to be changed. This thing will be going to help you out in many ways so you must keep this in consideration.
  3. Checklist- The very next thing you should do is create a checklist in which all the change request in business should be written down. This thing will make the change process easier as well as simpler.