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It is hard to get people to talk to each other, notably when they are suddenly surrounded by strangers, which is why RA’s get assigned to bring together the students and make connections with each other with their ra floor program ideas. But if the RA lacks ideas and comes up with non-interesting meets, no one will get interested and turn up for the event.

So, you need to have the best ideas and if they are not very creative, keep reading to get inspiration.

How to get inspired for RA program ideas?

  • Contests – Everyone loves a game or a competition, especially when the area of interest is widely popular. Pick a game, event, or competition that’s trending and will be of common interest to the age group. Matches usually get the blood pumping and spark joy and thrill psychologically. Moreover, these are the best way to get people talking to each other and making connections.
  • Create – If you are the person who wants to avoid disputes because of contests, get creative, and host an event that will help bring together people and create something together. The essential aspect is not producing but making people interact with each other. Get the craft items out and get creating. Not only will it bring out talents, but the small “pass me…” will turn into great conversations.
  • Decorations – Dormitories and hostel rooms can look dull, but the best part is that you can turn them into anything you want together. Gather the supplies, and it will automatically stir up conversations, and your job gets done. Moreover, the results are dormitories looking bright and welcoming.

These are the three broad categories that can get used for ra floor program ideas, and they will surely help you fulfill your duties as a Residence Advisor.