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There are many democratic countries in the world with the United States being the oldest one of all where both men and women have equal rights as per the constitution that each and every citizen has to strictly adhere to.

It is the duty of each citizen to protect their rights and also that of others that are needy and greatly need it so that they too can live their life with grace and dignity, which is very hard to find these days.

While the youngsters are strong and agile enough to protect themselves against mortal peril, senior citizens are not able to do so and often fall prey to bullying and victimization by bad elements of the society and this has to be stopped at the earliest.

Final Straw

Senior citizens are not as quick to defend themselves from getting bullied so they too have the rights for self defense for which they need to be aware of some important points that have to be kept in mind, which can be learnt through the website called guardian self defense.

It is because they are too old to learn the technique of martial arts so they need to follow a different way in case they come across an altercation that threatens to harm the society norms.

When there is a fight, they need to get away from it before they are forced into it because if it involves a crowd, then it will resort to nothing and bear in mind that a crowd doesn’t have a face and it would be impossible to punish the culprits involved in a crime.

If the attacker is well built, then a senior citizen has to use his fingers to poke him in the eye because that will leave him incapacitated but if he goes for your throat, hit him in the groin as that would be extremely painful and allow you time to run off to the police station.

Hemp is one of the more versatile members of the plant kingdom. The scientific world has taken its time to study it really carefully. Nutritionists have spent time with various researchers in proving the various health benefits of hemp. Whenever hemp is mentioned in a room, visions of illegal drugs and side effects dance in front of everyone’s eyes. While all health supplements are undergoing research and confirmation via each country’s food and drug bureau, there have been a few facts that Truly Hemp has discovered about this truly Amazing plant.

Hemp as a food supplement:

Raw foods are the best kind for your health, using hemp in the raw form will allow your body to absorb all the natural benefits the right way.

* Hemp Seeds. These words have become famous and it seems everyone refers to hemp seeds as hemp hearts. They are actually recognized to be high in fiber, protein, essential fatty acids and vitamins. So many of us eat twice the amount of saturated oil or fats that don’t help our bodies. A component in hemp is phytosteral (plant sterol). This sterol has been proven to decrease cholesterol levels as high as 13%. The consumption of the best cbd vape pen will have effect on the lifestyle of the individual. All the information is made available to the people to get the desired results. The charges of the vape juice should be in the notice of the people. 

* Hemp Oil. Farming hemp oil has always been a controversy because of the lawful implications worldwide but there is no denying that hemp oil delivers a punch when integrated into one’s daily routine. Enhancing one’s habit of food intake will not only improve health but will also prevent illness. The amount of omega fatty acids and omega three that have been proven as an effective anti-inflammatory helps those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

* Nutrition Facts: Hemp has a large amount of fiber, and that lowers cholesterol in the body. But the optimum ratio of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6-hemp oil contains 19% linolenic (LNA) acids and 57% linoleic (LA). When added to one’s diet as a whole, this improves cholesterol profiles. This makes monitoring your cholesterol levels better by having it in your diet. Hemp is also known for helping lose weight naturally, since it helps reduce craving for foods with starches, sugars, stimulants, and saturated fats. You can still choose your favorite fruits and salads knowing that with hemp hearts other nutrients needed by your body will help promote good health. Hemp is well known for Vitamin E, phytochemicals that actually boost energy, and Vitamin B6 to improve your overall health.

Hemp Products: Truly Hemp is one of the companies that include hemp in hair-care products and food supplements as well as skin care (and have become an alternative source of personal hygiene for some people). Essential oils and the Vitamin E added to Truly Hemp’s skin-care line are part of a regular regimen for an estimated 20,000 users of Truly Hemp’s line of hair care, skin care and supplements.

The versatility of hemp products has been overlooked for quite some time now that people are only beginning to rediscover this remarkable plant and its true healthy natural healing and wellness properties. Hopefully, everyone realizes how helpful and beneficial hemp can be if everyone can start to including it in their daily habits or their daily health regime. Try it for 30 days, if you don’t notice a significant results then go back to what was working for you, but if you do let everyone around you know how much it worked for you.

When you, yourself are the one dealing with depression, it may not be easy for you to recognize that depression is what you are experiencing. Depression may have such a hold on you that you fail to see the obvious signs that others can see in you. Sometimes it takes a good friend, a family member, or trusted co-worker to clue you in on what they recognize in you – the signs of depression.

Even when you do understand that depression is what you are dealing with it is not easy to seek professional help. Some things that may hinder you from seeking help are: you feel that mental health services will be expensive, or you feel embarrassed if someone you know finds out about your appointments and you fear that they will think less of you as a person.


One of the first things you need to do for yourself to feel better is to understand that a problem does exist, that it is not normal to feel so badly about yourself or your situation. Depression hurts and you will hopefully at some point recognize that you are in pain and you need to stop feeling this way. When you are faced with a “situational/event or one time life changing occurrence that has caused your depression, you may be able to do things to help yourself overcome your feelings of depression. This is only in cases where the depression is brief and has a single explainable cause.

There are many self-help books and videos and even classes on depression that may prove helpful to you. There are even depression groups that you can join where you can meet others who have experienced similar losses, or events that triggered your depression. It can be helpful to be a part of a group of people who understand what you are going through because they themselves have gone through something similar. How to overcome from mental toughness and problems? The solution is provided through the experts and professionals to meet with the requirements. The understanding of the symptoms of depression is necessary to get rid of the mental and mind problems. 

Time is a wonderful healer. Sometimes when you are faced with a situational or event causing depression (divorce, loss of a loved one, job related loss), the passage of time lessens the pain. Sometimes the pain lessens when what you have lost has been replaced in part by a new activity. When experiencing depression over the ending of a marriage relationship, sometimes just being involved with an organization or volunteer position in the community can give you a new sense of purpose. The new relationships you form do not replace your marriage partner, but the sense of purpose, of belonging can be replaced and can give you a feeling of hope that will help to fade the pain you were feeling.

Understand that feeling worthless, helpless or exhausted can all be normal parts of your depression and that these feelings will fade as you heal. When you feel worthless, it can lead to you feeling negative about yourself. It is important to understand once you have identified yourself as being depressed that you examine how you are feeling about yourself. When you notice thoughts of negativity about yourself, hopefully you will be able to remember that you are going through a time that will pass. Hopefully you have also been able to set up some sources of help.

These sources can be the group mentioned earlier, as well as organizations or volunteer opportunities. Being with others will help you to see yourself through their eyes. Doing things that are helpful to others like volunteering at libraries, nursing homes, charities etc., can give you a chance to feel good about yourself again. It is important step to stay active and to not be alone. Know that this time of depression will pass. Staying busy will help the time to pass more quickly.

If you find that your depression is lasting longer than a few weeks, or you are having thoughts of suicide or thought of hurting yourself, than you need to seek professional help immediately. Do not suffer alone. No one has to be alone in his or her depression. Everyone feels depressed from time to time and feeling this way is nothing to be ashamed of. People get depressed over every day occurrences. Adults and children can become depressed. Having loved ones around you, who care about you can ease your pain. Do not turn them away. Try your best to communicate your needs to them.


When you are overwhelmed by feelings of Depression it is often helpful to set goals for yourself to help you overcome feelings of frustration, and inadequacies stemming from your depression. The goals you set can help build your self-confidence. You should strive to set goals that are attainable and detailed. Set a time frame for achieving your goals.

Example Goals

Goal 1 – By January 5th I will look up a self-help site about depression and take out one book from the library about helping yourself during depression.

Goal 2 – By January 8th I will share with one friend or family member how I am feeling about my loss.

Goal 3 – By January 15th I will pick one volunteer position that I will enjoy doing and sign up to start doing it.

Remember to keep your goals simple, and within reach. The purpose of the goals are to make you feel good about your accomplishments.

Let a good friend or family member know what goals you have set. Sometimes someone who cares about you can give you good input as to whether your goals are realistic and may offer some help on designing your goals so that you can succeed.


This may sound simplistic, but when you are feeling depressed, you tend to shy away from doing things you enjoyed prior to your depression. You do not have to jump in with both feet, but taking small steps to regain the life you once enjoyed will give you comfort and restore your self-confidence.

Physical activity does wonders for your sense of well-being. A walk in the park or a game of tennis or lap in the pool will do your body and soul good. When your body is receiving exercise, there are benefits other than physical, you just feel better mood-wise. If you are not used to doing physical exercise, please consult your physician before starting any exercise program or strenuous physical activity.