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There are various quotes that people use to spread a specific message. This is the best way that people are using these days in such aspects. People are using suvichar images that help in providing clear information about certain things. All people have different motives to give a message, so in this, there are various images that are used. Let’s see some of the varieties of messages that are shared with ideas.

Motivational messages 

 Yes, it is correct that individual motivation quotes are shared by persons, which helps in motivating people all around. Many motivations assaying and notifications are added so that a person gets influenced by it and get motivated to do work. There are many times when people get dull or feel very low. In such cases, these suvichar helps bring inspiration to life. 

Love messages 

 it involves very sweet images that are used to express love. This helps in bringing a very lovely feeling, and that increases respect and care for the other person. It is the things that are done by people to express their love. Many amazing images are used and made by people who can bring a perfect smile and happiness to other people. 

Educational messages 

In all such categories, there are the educational quotes and images as well, this helps in increasing knowledge, it becomes very boring for the person to read their work, but with the help of such images, a person or a child can learn certain things in detail and with ease. So there are various images that help in providing education that is beneficial for children and easy to share. 


 With this, a person can find the bright image that a person wants that serves your purpose. So a person can fulfill all the motives with such lovely and inspirational images and quotes. It will help in various ways and bring happiness. 

Designing and tailoring the online presence for brand across the social networks in a professional way, thus maximizing the customer engagement is social media marketing. The importance of such influential marketing is because of adding more value to your profile and increases your credibility. Wherein, a customized engagements and postings on a social site like Facebook or Twitter will position your brand strong and help people remember you by top deals.

Social media engagement, we do it as an overshadowing process with difficult challenges, which requires managing the profile with regular engaging and interactive postings to call-out for comments and sharing from the visitor/readers’ side. In present bustling market, countless business societies don’t find an adequate amount of time to focus on handling the social media accounts. Charged Social Media is here with qualified professional teams who are all experienced with industry practices and are well known of social media tactics.

  • Recurrent monitoring on the brand’s competitor’s activities from brand, social media activities and we create a brand centric profile reservation on social media sites for you and monitor activities.
  • Initially we create social media profiles with your brand’s description, pictures, timeline posts; new content post including company events, project photos; and make page venture related communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter et al
  • We create a basic social dashboard setup; assign, measure metrics, focus on network growth, official response to conversations on issues and topics.
  • Competent development with third-party solutions & apps, allot social media marketing goals with measurements, integration of social data with set strategic plans related to other channels, and cross-functional team creation for web development, PR, customer service, and marketing.
  • Create/develop procedures, policy, and governance, data integration, with the expansion of capabilities of social software.

Few platforms that Charged Social Media concentrates on include but not just limited to:

  • A one-stop solution for the specialists to use right promotional tactics, targeting and analytics to optimise the benefits associated with Twitter marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing gets you in the hub of like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs, helping you create lasting partnerships and new engagements
  • By focusing on your brand’s relevant demographics with paid campaigns and also with consistent engagement posts, your brand can be able to reach the right target audience. By using creative and engaging images your brand will be maximised up to spontaneous customer engagement
  • Optimised engagement videos for spreading the word out for your company and its products and services, will emboss your brand in the world’s market. In addition, receiving instant responses from interested people, keeps the brand buzzing
  • By becoming one of the parts of this profitable community, you can definitely increase the user engagement and can lift the revenue generation with Charged Social Media’s strategic our well-planned and executed marketing campaigns. You can visit site to know about the social services. The generation of the revenue is great to have the desires results. The preparation of the best strategy will suit the requirement of social services. The bank account is increasing with real cash to get the benefits. 

Apart from that, we create profiles with consistent engagement activities on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, as per your requirement. Not only just creating and engaging the profiles, we do advice on tactical list to set up your plans that are fruitful to your brand in real.

Charged Social Media always kick-off the execution by evaluating the clients’ requirement and accordingly we determine how we can optimize the social media to work for their needs. As a reputed social media firm that is involved in promoting websites online, we guarantee the site traffic increases tremendously with increased ROI respectively. Most of the websites rely on a large number of people visiting their site in order to make profits.

We help your website by showing it to a wide base of prospective buyers and then putting in useful measures to attract them and capture their attention. We offer quality services and guarantee successful results. Thus through numbers of successful project completion, we formulate the plan of action to provide potential results in a long term to our customers.

  • An exclusive team of website designers will work with you to create an incomparable and highly attractive website that will keep visitors visiting and buying.
  • We help maintaining a uniform online branding with your existing and would-be clientele through social media networking sites.
  • Interactive Internet Marketing: A team of highly proficient online marketers will create attractive marketing collateral’s advertisements and post them in almost all of the most popular and highly targeted media groups online to promote your business.
  • An experienced team that specialize in branding and identity filled with industrial expertise will make your site virtually recognizable so that more of your customers will be able to relate to you and identify with you.
  • An operative copywriting and the use of SEO keywords will make sure that your website will appear among the top of the search engine lists and also help you get qualified leads through our experienced inbound content writers.

We say we only strive for the best. Our team is poised with of all the best online marketers, website designers, copywriters and identity specialists who are more really qualified to guarantee the best results. We never settle for anything less, unless delivering right services with right quality. Get reasonable marketing services ever since online advertising is much cheaper than the traditional methods. We mean higher profit margins for you, and we deserve it.

Reach us now on the way forward to enhance your brand image of your business and the efficiency of your website.

Over the years I have worked with large companies helping them fix or implement their internal social media team and I have seen how much they have relied on large marketing or PR agencies to do most of their social media marketing. Obviously, I believe that agencies have a role in companies. I mean, that is a role my consulting practice takes on, but there is a point where you can rely on agencies too much.

Agencies are great to help create and run larger initiatives that a company just doesn’t have the day-to-day manpower to do. They are helpful in helping create editorial calendars, evaluating vendors for certain technology considerations, and helping you craft your strategy.

However, agencies can be extremely detrimental to your business if you rely on them too heavily. Things agencies shouldn’t be doing for you include:

Running your day-to-day social media accounts- I know it takes a lot of bandwidth to run social media accounts for a company. Agencies can really help in crafting an editorial calendar and help creating content to deploy to your social media channels, but having them post and respond to clients isn’t something they should be doing. Nobody knows your business better than you do and the customer service questions and answers are best coming from the company, not an agency that has a small grasp on the correct answers.

Maintaining relationships with bloggers- There really isn’t any issue with an agency doing the research on which bloggers to pitch and they can do the pitching if you are considering this a one off initiative. However, if you want to build an ongoing relationship with a blogger that grows over time you need to handle it from your company and from a company email address. Additionally, any of the blogger research needs to be handed over from the agency to you. Too many times agencies hold all the cards to these relationships and if you change agencies you lose out on all of these relationships.

Maintaining all your end relationships with partners- While having agencies run your ad spends is a great idea, having them run all of the ad spends through their accounts can have a detrimental impact to you relationships with companies like Facebook. By having a direct relationship with Facebook, and their reps seeing what you are spending and how you are using the platform, it can get you into various beta programs.

Executing to their own agenda- The biggest issue around agencies is when they begin to try and establish projects that is only adding to their bottom line and are not part of your marketing plan or agenda. While they may come up with some outstanding ideas, if they don’t fit within your strategy and accomplish goals you are trying to work towards it can lead to an expensive project that doesn’t help your long range view.

When it is all said and done agencies are a valuable resource in executing beyond your areas of expertise, but you need to make sure that they are executing on the right things and not hurting your social media efforts in the long run.You could even enhance your social status in no opportunity to purchase YouTube views. Your stream or youtube clip would become reliable or respectable, and thus more individuals would be allured to it. If individuals don’t really have confidence issues, they’re looking forward to watching your youtube clip sincerely. The odds of landing motivated by your company or service will boost. You will also have to learn, How to Spot Fake YouTube Subscribers.

All social networks had spelled success to millions of business practitioners all over the world. These sites have significantly affected the way internet works for every computer users. Some decades ago, the internet is considered to be the home of highly relevant data and information that everybody can benefit from. However, this offers a very minimal opportunity for these individuals to get socially involved in free conversation and forums.

In the present time, a number of social networking sites continue to unite people all across the globe. This is one of the best reasons behind the creation of sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many others. With these online sites, keeping track of the things that other people do is never impossible. Furthermore, this strengthens the bond between couples who were apart from each other physically.

These 10 top social networking sites below definitely helps people understand themselves and their buddies better. Allow me to start with the last in the list. The selection of the best tips can be there to buy youtube views and likes. The views and likes will increase the engagement of the customers. The information about the list is great to increase the sale of the business organization with profits. The use of the right skills can be there at the platform. 

Despite the fact that this has been in the social media endeavor for a little longer, it is known to be the most comprehensive social networking site that integrates a bountiful collection of astounding internet services that everybody deserves to have.

With MySpace, a social networking site fan is made capable to post news items, blogs and information-rich articles for the advantage of the general folks. Everybody can share pictures, latest music and videos and can invite friends to play a game and or sign their membership on a particular clan.

Above all these, MySpace has its sweet-smelling appeal of trading products and services with skies as the limit.

This is designed by the intelligent professionals of the Google team. Basically, it gained an unsurpassable popularity in California and Brazil. However, U.S. people used it as well. In fact, 17% of this site’s traffic was from this aforesaid country. But, do you ever wonder why this is hailed to be the most trusted social networking site in Brazil?

Orkut is consists of pages that are so revealing and valuable site users. With this kind of scheme, there is no time to waste.

This perfectly fits business managers all throughout China. The fact that this is the most popular networking site in the entire country provides a stunning opportunity for traders to exceptionally bring their online businesses to the higher notch. This is possible through writing and posting helpful blogs and mind stirring user profiles that can engage millions of users in a couple of minutes.

It pioneers the concept of online social networking site that suits perfectly with business undertakings. This site successfully built a world of equity among the web users in all facets of the worldly aspects. Its user interface and web design are good enough to ascertain that nobody can resist from using it.

It is one of the most successful 10 social networking sites in the world. It is hailed to be number one in France. It started as a blog site where prolific and highly rewarding information never fails to help thousands of web users all throughout the country. This is practically the reason of this site’s drastic evolution as a full-fledged social networking site in a lightning speed.

It entails all the usual features that are available in most existing social networking sites. However, what makes it unique from the latter is its kinetic web-based environment that is jam-packed with amazing space and compatibility for pictures, profiles, videos and animations.

As MySpace and Facebook gained popularity in both inland and off-shore U.S., Hi5 is clever enough to make its way in to better opportunities internationally. It proves a wide array of languages and triumphantly broke the wall that hinders global alliance.

This is a perfect spot for people to upload videos and other user-generated presentations. This is the new face of social networking sites. Through it, millions of people can interact with each other through video likes, dislikes, shares and comments.

This is specially designed for professionals and business focused individuals. Unlike any other renowned social networking sites in the web, it is more concerned on its millions of member’s professional expertise and can-do stuffs. This bridges a professional job seeker to a bunch of reputable employers.

This is an online environment that allows users to send out short messages to other Twitter members and followers. This can be used to advertise and promote business to prospect customers. Basic upload and simple online communication are the keys to its success.

AND THE Top one all social networks: Facebook

Everybody knows Facebook. As a matter of fact, trillions of people have a Facebook account. This is the newest breakthrough in online marketing. This does not only offer a free environment to express one’s feelings and thoughts; but, it is also the best way to pass on the good news that a business can offer to the general buyers. Announcements, invitations, and so many other features are made part of this marvelous program that somewhat paves way to its smashing success.

Listed above is a list of all social networks sites that everybody ought to try. With these trusted sites, business can be made as pleasurable as ever.

Tik Tok is a fast-growing platform. There are a huge number of people who have taken up the full-time job of being a creator on this platform. If you have been looking for some ideas then here are a few things that you can keep in mind in order to engage with your audience.

Tips to engage your audience

  • Use popular hashtags – this will make your video more preferred all over the platform
  • Informative videos from specialists are something that easily gets promoted around the platform.
  • Create content in association with other creators
  • You can produce content that is specific to the season like holiday seasons and quarantine at the moment.

  • Tutorials are something that is always more popular than any other kind of video.
  • You can review the latest web series or just express your opinion on this. This trick is especially helpful when it comes to attracting a new audience.
  • You can always create content related to a recent hot topic. This is especially popular in case of a recent happening related to social media.
  • If you are a fashion or beauty creator make sure you tag your brands since it also helps to attract new followers who are interested in the brand.
  • You can conduct contests in order to engage with your audience. Organizing giveaways is also a great way to connect with our existing audience.

These tips are something that will definitely help you to get the best of the platform.

You can easily download videos of any creator

You can download a video directly from the app by clicking on the three-dot icon that appears on the screen. You can also post it across other social media platforms.

So, if you have been looking for – how to download Tiktok videos or tips to engage with your audience you know what to do.

Facebook has made an incredible income opportunity available to software developers everywhere. If you have software development skills, a good idea, and some ambition, you could potentially become very rich through the social network. Read more about this on

Facebook began in 2004 and was originally used as a way for college students to stay in touch. The site has since grown into a platform, more like MySpace, allowing everyone to create a page and socialize. This expansion has resulted in Facebook developing into a niche social network, which has established itself in the tech world.

The company has a way of doing business in a non-traditional manner, and In May of 2007, Facebook made its platform available to software developers who had good programs to add to the site. This ingenious way in which the company does business with software developers, allows Facebook users to select software programs from a wide range of choices, and add these programs to their pages. The company even went so far as to hold an eight-hour-long competition in which competing software developers created programs to be considered for inclusion within Facebook’s interface. This contest called f8 resulted in eighty-five newly created programs being added to the Facebook platform. These new programs ranged from video sharing to games.

The company has now made a move that is sure to cultivate new applications to an even greater extent. In September 2007, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the fbFund. Through the fbFund, an initial sum of $10 million will be allocated to the compensation of developers who create software that is to be shared with Facebook. The amounts of payment per application will range from $25,000 to $250,000, and the company has not placed a limit on the number of applications that can be contributed by each software developer. This means that the potential for someone to earn a substantial amount of money by contributing several applications is there, at least for now.

Zuckerberg has also made it clear that in addition to the initial compensation or “grants” as he refers to them, there will be more opportunities to earn from the same contributed applications. More specifically, Facebook has plans to fill the role of venture capitalists for certain chosen applications, and because of the fact that the software developers will be able to maintain ownership of their creations, Facebook will be instrumental in providing the capital needed to turn software applications into start-up business projects.

Zuckerberg himself started out as a software developer, working out of his basement, and always dreamed of receiving an opportunity such as the one he is now making available to others. His goal is to put new software development talent on the map, while at the same time creating a lucrative situation, both for Facebook and developers.

The only condition needed to be met in order to be eligible for the fbFund is the condition of a developer never previously having accepted venture capital form a different company. This stipulation makes all the sense in the world, as it will allow funds to be distributed to those who may have been overlooked in the past when seeking venture capital. It will also keep Facebook out of any potential related legal issues over software ownership.

My hope is that a basement software developer with some great ideas will come across this article, and learn of Facebook’s plan and the found. What the company is offering will surely turn out to be a catalyst for cash-flow, and could over time, make some hard-working developers very rich!

Many new Webmasters have absolutely no idea how to get visitors to their website, Yes it’s harsh but honestly it’s true!! You see it’s great that we all can have a hand in building webpages with the new WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) designers, CMS (content managment systems) and alike point click web design programs but there is a lot more involved to getting visitors on your door step.

While it’s not terribly difficult to generate traffic, the main point to remember here is that you as a webmaster/freelancer must be actively inviting NEW prospects to your website whether it be business or personal. Many of these designers build a website and are left to wonder after a while, why no traffic?

Quote from my memory to a client: ” No sir, your not just found the minute you create a page on your internet website.”

There are many different ways you can do this today, some methods of bringing visitors to your Website are free and others will require a small amount money. Some are of coarse better than others so don’t expect to get a million hits over night(unless you have some stupid dance to put on But seriously, it takes time and effort, anyone saying different is a fool and lying through their teeth to you. The inernet today has some of the greatest ways to promote your web content for absolutely zippo, zero, nada, nothing! and it’s almost as good as any paid advertising campaign, yes really!! Some of the best things in life are really for free.

In posiibly a very un-authidox manner i’m about to run you through most of the best practices and methods i know and use daily. Beginning with the commonly know paid services you can purchase a press release to inform your target market about your new website, this can easily bring hundreds, possibly even more visitors to your content over night. Plus ad space in ezines and newsletters are also great practice as it brings highly targeted prospects to your landing pages very easily and effortlessly, allowing you to spend more time on other areas of marketing your potential traffic.

Furthermore, with the aid of tools like, it is now possible for people to see the profiles of social media users even if they are on a private mode. This service helps professionals and business owners across the globe.

Over the last couple of years social bookmarking (furl, facebook, myspace, twitter plus many others) type sites have become extremely popular. These sites are the “latest craze” on the internet, they drive extremely insane traffic per day and draw a lot of potential attention. The idea is very simple, you can save all your favorites(bookmarks) on a Web portal instead of storing them in your computer’s browser and do so as much as possible with all your content. The best part about these places is the ability to include links to your websites and blogs in your signature, which is displayed each time you post a comment or write an article. Again on these sites this can be allowed (depending on the terms  amp; conditions) be allowed as many times as you like (But be sensible about it) No-one likes a clown posting continual two word comments with their website link quoted in there, that kind of behaviour will land you labeled a spammer and even possibly banned, so you have been warned “BE Sensible”.

Another popular method is what i call the “web built by hand” an area millions of specialists in all areas are getting into, writing content/blogs on your specialist area or topic and submitting these to directories or websites. This great way to create a name for yourself will draw good traffic to yourself and or content articles, Over time this is one of the most effective methods of all for creating Web traffic. You will gain followers, plus status and they will tell friends Or if they have a blog of their own and your content is good, they will link to your articles so-on. Even more so once the engines start to index your article pages you’ll turn up more and more in the search engines results.

On search engine, most online marketers/publishers will purchase traffic directly from search engines like Google and Yahoo, Microsoft. This is done via PPC(pay per click) advertising, where you write an ad, choose your keywords and then bid a certain amount of money per keyword. Your ads will then be shown in the search results and each time a user clicks to your site from there you will pay the bid amount. The higher you bid the better your change of landing your ad on the first page of the search results pages. Paid search traffic can be much targeted, but can also get very expensive very quickly, believe me the big dollar keywords can cost a small fortune (per click) simple things like “Business information” could start a first page bid for as much as $15.00(per click) and that’s not even close to the more popular keywords. I run a google adsense campaign and its a great service, there is a but though. Cost! The costs involved in paid campaigns for popular keywords are for those publishers that are more than just a blog or personal webpage. For those wanting more info see: Google adsense , Linkworth, Bidvertiser and many more.

In addition to these above effective methods, don’t forget the value of offline promotion, YES it’s not always free but things like newspapers, radio, letter drops, newsletters, and the side of your car ….. Seriously all these promotions can be acquired for less than you probably think, and all are great ways for you to simply get noticed.

Have you ever driven along in traffic and seen a car with a web address scrolled along the side or window? That type of thing, even if the person doesn’t run home and go to your website… is getting you seen. The person will when next asked or thinking about the topic trigger the memory of your web address! Think about it…

Over time your efforts will result in a steady flow of “passive traffic” for your website, in the beginning it’s critical that you take massive bulk action to build, submit and maintain a good steady flow of traffic. If you’re serious about being an online successful business or blog, the methods I have shown you above are critical to your success, not a maybe… a must!!

I hope you all learned something and Enjoyed my musings, I to have been a small business and know how frustrating it can be to maintain traffic and results. There will be many other articles around AC’s website, i wish you the best on your traffic journey’s.

Kind Regards

Parents are accustomed to protecting their children from various dangers because the world is no longer like the one Andy Griffith protected in Mayberry. Social networking and the internet have opened an entirely new world where parents must protect their children. Dangers range from cyber bullying to sexual predators and parents must be on guard at all times to protect their children. However, there is another danger that is surfacing on social networks such as Facebook that can harm your children’s future – – financial predators. Adults have lapses of judgment when it comes to posting things online that they should not or giving information that should be kept private to complete strangers so why should we expect children to know how to protect themselves. Parents need to be aware of the financial dangers of Facebook and other social network sites and take steps to protect their child’s financial future.

Three Financial Dangers of Facebook

Overspending –

Many parents may not be aware that sites like Facebook are filled with advertisements for games and other items that entice users to spend money. Kids often purchase virtual items to send to online friends or buy credits to advance faster in online games. Items can be paid with PayPal accounts, credit cards, debit cards and some can even be charged to cell phone accounts. Parents need to explain to their child that purchasing things online requires the same permission they must obtain before purchasing something at the store. Parents should make sure that they do not allow their child to have access to their account information and passwords to prevent them from making purchases online. It is important that parents discuss with their children that online spending can easily get out of hand and that small purchases add up to a big bill quickly. Instagram profilleri will be helpful for the parents to keep a check over the private account. The pictures at the account will be of high-quality that will be attraction for the person. The use of the tools will be the best with the desired tools. The spending of the time should be perfect over the internet. 

Identity Theft-

 It is difficult for some adults to understand how posting their birth date and address can provide enough information for a thief to steal their identity let alone a child make this connection. However, the sad truth is that thieves love to prey on children online by using games, surveys and quizzes to pull personal information out of them. A child may not understand how a fun game that asks simple questions such as your mother’s maiden name, your pet’s name and your hometown can give information to a thief to steal their identity or yours for that matter. Thieves use phishing software attached to games to get your information so be sure to keep your antivirus and anti-malware updated. Make sure that the security settings for your child’s profile is set to friends only.

Damaged reputations –

Adults would do well to heed this advice too – – never post anything online that you do not want your priest, grandmother or employer to see. Even though you can erase or delete a post from your Facebook profile, you never know who might have snapped a picture of that page before you came to your senses and deleted the picture or post. Caution children that things that seem harmless can actually damage their reputation. More colleges and employers are beginning to use social networks to screen applicants in addition to the normal application process. Begin teaching your child now that some things are not appropriate to post online, personal pictures are better kept private and what they say now may follow them forever. Review your child’s Facebook profile with him or her and point out posts and pictures that are inappropriate and explain how this may hurt them with prospective employers or colleges. Teach them how to “untag” themselves from photos that show irresponsible behavior or choices.

This may be an unpopular suggestion; however, I will share it with the hope that it will help protect some children from harm online. If your young child wants to have a Facebook or other social network profile, you need to have the login and password to review his or her profile periodically and check who they have “friended.” Some of my friends accuse me of invading my child’s privacy; however, I ask them if they would drop their eight-year-old child off in a park full of strangers and leave them alone for hours? By not keeping a very careful eye on your child’s Facebook profile, you are essentially inviting strangers into your child’s life unsupervised.

Talk about one of the best social platforms to promote your business online and Instagram tops the list with élan. But, with every other brand setting up business account on Insta, competition is sky-high. A viable way to beat the competition here is to generate more engagement for your Instagram account. Much to your convenience, here is a brief on the best tips to follow to drive in more engagement in 2020.

Communicate with visitors and followers

One of the best ways to boost engagement is to build up a strong relationship with your visitors and followers. There are various ways to do that. A fun way will be to post questions or polls on Instagram posts/Story where viewers will post their answers. Next, you should regularly communicate with visitors/followers who have messaged on DM. Thank them if it’s a positive feedback and invite them to browse your site if they want more information. Most importantly, appreciate negative feedback, apologize and promise to make things straight.

Post videos often

Videos on Instagram fetch more views and response than pictures. A moving picture is always more attractive and engaging than a static one. So, include videos in large numbers in your Instagram posts and Stories.

You should also Buy Instagram views for your Instagram Videos. More views will lead to more followers. People prefer to engage with those accounts that boast a staggering volume of views and followers.

Add location to posts

Make sure to include location sticker always with almost every post you make on Instagram. If you have a physical store, the location mark will help to inform locals about your new store close-by. Besides, if your post carries location tag, it will come up if anyone searches for Insta posts in the mentioned location. It will create a wonderful opportunity to strike a conversation with the person and build more engagement.