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Everyone has an interest in aviation and its workings, and it is common knowledge that the fuel used in aeroplanes and aircraft is aviation kerosene. However, most don’t know that this fuel is not eco-friendly. And it is also contributing to air pollution and damaging our already damaged environment. However, zeroavia has come up with a concept to power up aircraft with an eco-friendly fuel, hydrogen.

How is aviation kerosene harming the environment?

Like every processed fuel, aviation kerosene also has some disadvantages, including:

  • Gases produced after the fuel combustion fill the air with toxic fumes that damage the respiration system when inhaled.
  • If the fumes get suspended in the air, it lowers the quality of the air. The quality of air goes down as it increases its toxicity and contributes to air pollution.
  • If the gas released by the aviation kerosene floats to the top levels of the atmosphere, it can directly damage the ozone layer protecting the earth.
  • Aside from the fumes, the noise produced by the engine when undergoing the combustion process can also contribute to noise pollution, which can be harmful to those who are sensitive to noise.

Why is hydrogen a better fuel than aviation kerosene?

The initiative of ZeroAvia involves using hydrogen to fuel the powertrain. Hydrogen and fuel cell powers the propeller and results in the spinning and turn the aircraft flys. 

Hydrogen is a renewable source of energy and has several advantages over aviation kerosene, including:

  • The energy produced by hydrogen is four times that the aviation kerosene, which makes it a better alternative.
  • Aviation kerosene produces toxic fumes, whereas hydrogen does not, which makes it an eco-friendly alternative.

The initiative by ZeroAvia provides a better alternative in terms of power and terms of environment friendly. The damage done due to fossil fuels needs to get restored, and hydrogen helps prevent further damage.