Essentials For The Pokemon Go Fest 2021

Online games are the talk of the town and are being loved by individuals worldwide. They are super exciting and have so much to offer to the players. Once learned, every player can benefit from these games and know about all the new features that further help them to move ahead in the game. The pattern of every game is not the same and has something different to look forward to. When it comes to Pokémon Go, it is a game loved by many as it has various rewards and prizes in each quest and challenges that are created for the players. A pokemon go december community day 2020 was an event celebrated where people gathered and played these quests together. Such events are organized every year and are fun to attend.

How to prepare for the quest?

To prepare for the annual pokemon go december community day 2020, players should ensure the following:

  • To take part in the scheduled ticketed event, every player must purchase a ticket in advance from the ticket shop
  • Always ensure that there are enough Poke balls as well as storage to catch other Pokémon’s in the future quests
  • It is good to save a sizable number of Berries as they help in catching any rare or shiny Pokémon there might be during the encounter
  • Always stock Lure models especially Rainy and Mossy Lures as they last for more than 3 hours at a time
  • 7km eggs should always be saved as there are special events that feature these Pokémon’s hourly and ½ hatching distance
  • Purchase Incense beforehand because many Pokémon’s like Unown F and G get attracted to them during the event hours

To get the training and learn how the event proceeds, the players should keep themselves updated and check the event website from time to time to raid from the exciting schedule. Thus, pokemon go december community day 2020 is a whole vibe when it comes to enjoying it to the fullest.