How Will You Get To Know That The Pokémon That You Have Is Shiny One?

Most of the time, people do get this problem they are not able to get the idea whether the Pokémon that they have is shiny one or normal. But there is a difference between both as they are of different colors, and you will not get the shiny Pokémon easily; you have to find them and get the ones who are locked. There are so many different Pokémon’s that you will be able to find, and if you want to know how you will be able to differentiate between the both, you can check this out!

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Difference between normal and shiny Pokémon

There is some difference between shiny Pokémon and a normal one. The main difference is in the color of the Pokémon and the animation of particles when they enter the battlefield. If you are talking about the shiny Pokémon that will have the special particles animation, you can see when they will enter the battle with the non-shiny variant with no difference.

There will also be the difference in the ability, appearance, and stats of the Pokémon and every other thing will remain the same. There will be some Pokémon that will have a drastic change in color, but there will be some which will have only a slight change in color or appearance.

There are different types of Shiny Pokémon that you can find as there are square shiny and star shiny which has the difference in the particle animations as square shiny will have square particle animation, and they are more common during the encounters. While star shiny will have the star particle animation and more common when they breed. There are many more details regarding that which you can get on the above website.