Pro Tips For Winning Battles in Pokémon Go

If you are new to Pokemon Go, then you will have a difficult time in winning the Gym Battles right away. These are the places where you can fight real life players with the help of your favorite Pokémons. Players who defeat their enemies can establish their reign on that particular gym till the time someone else defeats them. When you win a gym, you can win a wonderful set of rewards as well. So, here are some pro tips for winning battles.

  • Always have a good lineup when you are going to fight in gym battles. It is essential to have a roaster where you have included Pokémons of all kinds. Don’t just add the same type and element of Pokemon in all the slots, regardless of how powerful they are. You’ll need to counter an enemy with intelligence not with strength always.
  • One of the best ways to defeat your enemies and come out as the winner is by matching up any of the opposing Pokémon’s type and element cleverly. Yes! Even if your Pokemon is weak, if you can match the type and element, it will cause serious damage to them.
  • Learn to dodge and attack when it is the right time. Don’t rush to attack the enemy all the time. You need to wait for the right time, when the enemy is the most vulnerable, only then you should deliver one of your blows. Also, you must not defend throughout the match because your Pokemon will ultimately deal with more damage. Practice at a friendly gym and learn more about these skills very well.

So, these are some really pro tips that will help you win gym battles in Pokémon Go. There are several pokemon go account for sale that you can check out to get hands on the best Pokémons and pouch full of rare elements.