Web Traffic In’s, Out’s & Woe’s….. A Little Insight

Many new Webmasters have absolutely no idea how to get visitors to their website, Yes it’s harsh but honestly it’s true!! You see it’s great that we all can have a hand in building webpages with the new WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) designers, CMS (content managment systems) and alike point click web design programs but there is a lot more involved to getting visitors on your door step.

While it’s not terribly difficult to generate traffic, the main point to remember here is that you as a webmaster/freelancer must be actively inviting NEW prospects to your website whether it be business or personal. Many of these designers build a website and are left to wonder after a while, why no traffic?

Quote from my memory to a client: ” No sir, your not just found the minute you create a page on your internet website.”

There are many different ways you can do this today, some methods of bringing visitors to your Website are free and others will require a small amount money. Some are of coarse better than others so don’t expect to get a million hits over night(unless you have some stupid dance to put on you.tube.com) But seriously, it takes time and effort, anyone saying different is a fool and lying through their teeth to you. The inernet today has some of the greatest ways to promote your web content for absolutely zippo, zero, nada, nothing! and it’s almost as good as any paid advertising campaign, yes really!! Some of the best things in life are really for free.

In posiibly a very un-authidox manner i’m about to run you through most of the best practices and methods i know and use daily. Beginning with the commonly know paid services you can purchase a press release to inform your target market about your new website, this can easily bring hundreds, possibly even more visitors to your content over night. Plus ad space in ezines and newsletters are also great practice as it brings highly targeted prospects to your landing pages very easily and effortlessly, allowing you to spend more time on other areas of marketing your potential traffic.

Furthermore, with the aid of tools like https://instaprivateviewer.com, it is now possible for people to see the profiles of social media users even if they are on a private mode. This service helps professionals and business owners across the globe.

Over the last couple of years social bookmarking (furl, facebook, myspace, twitter plus many others) type sites have become extremely popular. These sites are the “latest craze” on the internet, they drive extremely insane traffic per day and draw a lot of potential attention. The idea is very simple, you can save all your favorites(bookmarks) on a Web portal instead of storing them in your computer’s browser and do so as much as possible with all your content. The best part about these places is the ability to include links to your websites and blogs in your signature, which is displayed each time you post a comment or write an article. Again on these sites this can be allowed (depending on the terms  amp; conditions) be allowed as many times as you like (But be sensible about it) No-one likes a clown posting continual two word comments with their website link quoted in there, that kind of behaviour will land you labeled a spammer and even possibly banned, so you have been warned “BE Sensible”.

Another popular method is what i call the “web built by hand” an area millions of specialists in all areas are getting into, writing content/blogs on your specialist area or topic and submitting these to directories or websites. This great way to create a name for yourself will draw good traffic to yourself and or content articles, Over time this is one of the most effective methods of all for creating Web traffic. You will gain followers, plus status and they will tell friends Or if they have a blog of their own and your content is good, they will link to your articles so-on. Even more so once the engines start to index your article pages you’ll turn up more and more in the search engines results.

On search engine, most online marketers/publishers will purchase traffic directly from search engines like Google and Yahoo, Microsoft. This is done via PPC(pay per click) advertising, where you write an ad, choose your keywords and then bid a certain amount of money per keyword. Your ads will then be shown in the search results and each time a user clicks to your site from there you will pay the bid amount. The higher you bid the better your change of landing your ad on the first page of the search results pages. Paid search traffic can be much targeted, but can also get very expensive very quickly, believe me the big dollar keywords can cost a small fortune (per click) simple things like “Business information” could start a first page bid for as much as $15.00(per click) and that’s not even close to the more popular keywords. I run a google adsense campaign and its a great service, there is a but though. Cost! The costs involved in paid campaigns for popular keywords are for those publishers that are more than just a blog or personal webpage. For those wanting more info see: Google adsense , Linkworth, Bidvertiser and many more.

In addition to these above effective methods, don’t forget the value of offline promotion, YES it’s not always free but things like newspapers, radio, letter drops, newsletters, and the side of your car ….. Seriously all these promotions can be acquired for less than you probably think, and all are great ways for you to simply get noticed.

Have you ever driven along in traffic and seen a car with a web address scrolled along the side or window? That type of thing, even if the person doesn’t run home and go to your website… is getting you seen. The person will when next asked or thinking about the topic trigger the memory of your web address! Think about it…

Over time your efforts will result in a steady flow of “passive traffic” for your website, in the beginning it’s critical that you take massive bulk action to build, submit and maintain a good steady flow of traffic. If you’re serious about being an online successful business or blog, the methods I have shown you above are critical to your success, not a maybe… a must!!

I hope you all learned something and Enjoyed my musings, I to have been a small business and know how frustrating it can be to maintain traffic and results. There will be many other articles around AC’s website, i wish you the best on your traffic journey’s.

Kind Regards