What are the Benefits of Getting A Blower Door Test

A blower door test is an ultimate way to identify the problem areas in a house that increase the monthly utility bills. It is has become compulsory in all the states to get a blower door test done by certified professionals to make the building compliant with the energy-efficient codes. A blower door test identifies air leakage in a home and the problem areas to fix it quickly to make the home energy-efficient and compliant with the energy codes. There are also other benefits that one can enjoy with a blower door test.

Identifying Air Leakage is Empowering

There are many areas in a house causing air infiltration, and you will be shocked to know about it. During the blower door test, the entire house is evaluated to identify air leakage. All areas in the house, including the basement, ceiling, walls, and other areas, are checked for leakage. It helps in finding the leakage and fixes it to reduce the monthly utility bills.

Uncovers Leakage Hidden in Plain Sight

Many areas are often ignored, and those areas can be the hidden places from where the air is getting leaked. A blower door test identifies air leakage in a home hidden in plain sight. It will help identify the areas which were hidden and causing air infiltration in your house. It will help you reduce the efficiency of the heating and cooling system of your house. 

The certified energy auditors spend hours identifying and testing your house’s energy performance using specialized equipment. The pressure testers would test the air pressures, and the technicians would check the air infiltration across the house. A detailed report would be sent o the homeowners. Apart from the blower door test, the technicians also specialize in offering duct leakage test to make your home completely energy efficient. So, you must hire the best technicians to get the test done.