3 top tips to drive in more engagement on Insta in 2020

Talk about one of the best social platforms to promote your business online and Instagram tops the list with élan. But, with every other brand setting up business account on Insta, competition is sky-high. A viable way to beat the competition here is to generate more engagement for your Instagram account. Much to your convenience, here is a brief on the best tips to follow to drive in more engagement in 2020.

Communicate with visitors and followers

One of the best ways to boost engagement is to build up a strong relationship with your visitors and followers. There are various ways to do that. A fun way will be to post questions or polls on Instagram posts/Story where viewers will post their answers. Next, you should regularly communicate with visitors/followers who have messaged on DM. Thank them if it’s a positive feedback and invite them to browse your site if they want more information. Most importantly, appreciate negative feedback, apologize and promise to make things straight.

Post videos often

Videos on Instagram fetch more views and response than pictures. A moving picture is always more attractive and engaging than a static one. So, include videos in large numbers in your Instagram posts and Stories.

You should also Buy Instagram views for your Instagram Videos. More views will lead to more followers. People prefer to engage with those accounts that boast a staggering volume of views and followers.

Add location to posts

Make sure to include location sticker always with almost every post you make on Instagram. If you have a physical store, the location mark will help to inform locals about your new store close-by. Besides, if your post carries location tag, it will come up if anyone searches for Insta posts in the mentioned location. It will create a wonderful opportunity to strike a conversation with the person and build more engagement.