Evolution of hearing aids- from hearing trumpets to digital aids

The modern sleek and almost invisible hearing aids that you see today were not born in a day. In fact, these are the results of continuous evolution in the mechanism of hearing aid devices right from 1600’s. The post below offers a brief on the evolution of hearing aids.

Hearing trumpets (17th-19th century)

Hearing trumpets date back to the seventeenth century and sported a trumpet-like design. However, unlike the modern counterparts, these trumpets could not refine or amplify sounds. They could only collect sound and pull it to ear.

At around 19th century, the trumpets started getting a makeover to enhance their appeal. Back in those days, hearing issues were considered to be a serious disability and those who suffered from hearing loss had to face huge stigma in the society. As a result, these people were not really keen on getting hearing aids despite having hearing issues. Thus, in the 19th C, attempts were made to improve the design of these trumpets with intricate artworks to improve their acceptance in the society.

Electronic aids (late 19th century)

Electronic hearing devices owe their introduction to invention of telephone in 1876. Telephone led way to the process of electronic transmission of sound signal which made its way in the then hearing aid scene. Akouphone was the first electronic hearing device which used electric current to amplify sound. However the device was bulky and very expensive.

Smaller hearing aids (20th century)

At the turn of 20th century, hearing aid devices started developing a more compact and smaller design. But these had a hand-held microphone till the invention of radio in the 1950s. After that, these devices could be put on behind or above ear.

Digital hearing aids (21st century)

Today, you have advanced hearing aids with digital signals that can not only amplify sound but can also reduce microphone feedback and cancel unwanted ambient noise. They are available in various models and you must check reviews before buying as you will check muama enence reviews before purchasing a translator.

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