Get Familiar With Different Kinds Of Faux Fireplaces

You will need to choose faux fireplaces as per fuel type, which will dictate its overall design and mounting options.

  • Electric fireplace

Efficient infrared fireplaces spread heat from the electro-heating interior coils.

It has internal fans that help to extend heat across space.


There is a flake flame, which offers a real feel and look.

Heat can be controlled with remote control.

It is a safe model for homes with kids and pets.

  • Gas fireplace

The gas fireplace is easy to install, eco-friendly and low-cost option.

You get models with a direct vent that need a chimney for ventilation.

Ventless models have multiple safety features but as there is no vent there is a little risk of contaminant release within your home.

You can use liquid propane or natural gas.

  • Gel fireplace

The gel fireplace model is self-contained, lightweight and can be easily mounted on the wall.

The flame is real.

The heat output is low, so it cannot be your primary heating source.

It is an expensive alternative.

  • Ethanol fireplace

Liquid bioethanol fuel is used and is similar to a gel fireplace.

Easy to install but not very efficient to heat the entire home.

Good option as a tabletop or wall-mounted fireplace to warm a small room.

  • Wood-burning fireplace

Logs are needed to create heat and a roaring fire.

Cost and maintenance are the major downside of a wood-burning fireplace.

Installation is expensive and professional cleaning regularly is necessary.

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