Tips For The People Who Love Using Ballpoint Pens For Drawing Portraits

Portraits are a form of art in which the artist aims at making real-life portraits of their friends, family and other people. It is an extremely difficult art. However, it is even more difficult for people who intend on using ballpoint pens for the same. A knowledgeable artist is aware of the effect each and every line has on the drawing. Ink drawing is ten folds more tough as each and every stroke, line drawn by the pen reflects on one of the two things. The two things are either it portrays power or it displays uncertainty felt by the artist in their work. No one can hide from the high contrast line drawings.

Some tips to make an ink drawing less nerve-racking

  • Tools

One should choose the correct pen as the grip on the body matters. Preferably the ballpoint ink chosen should be waterproof so painting further on the drawing is possible. The nibs of the pens are also important

  • Force

The correct amount of pressure should be applied on the drawing as extra force can change the thickness of the ink spilled and ruin consistency.

  • Stroke

The artist should decide the type of stroke they wish to use and apply it consistently over an area. Different structures in different lights require various types of stroking methods.

  • Colours

Don’t be afraid to play with different coloured pens for different characteristics of your drawing.

Additional unique tips to keep in mind

  • Water

Tones can be matched and details in the drawing can be added using a little bit of water on the drawing. Some artists even use saliva for this.

  • Drawing

Unforgiving permanence of ink stresses most of the people, however, it should be kept in mind that one can use a pencil to draw and then utilise the ballpoints.

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