Top Photoshop Hacks That You Can’t-Miss on!

Who doesn’t love the magic of photoshop? We all know that it is a perfect multimedia software that can significantly make a lot of difference in editing pictures. But one needs to be familiar with at least the basic tools and usage of this software. Then only it’s possible to make good use of it. Mac users can also download photoshop for mac for editing purposes.

Tips to get better with Photoshop

Here are a few secret and top tricks that you might use to ace the photoshop on Mac. Let’s learn them – 

  1. Use the feature of Rubber Bandbox. It gives you a more precise selection and curves while selecting the path.
  2. It is possible to preview the changes that you have made while creating a new adjustment layer. You can press and hold the backslash key for the same. 
  3. While using any tool, if you hold a Space bar for long, then this gives you a temporary zoom hand tool at that moment. It is one of the great hacks that one can use to focus on the touchpoints. For mac users, the Space bar + Alt key will work. 
  4.  Cmd/Ctrl+Z works as the undo feature. But do you know that one could undo more than one time by using Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+Z?
  5. The hotkey is there to apply certain filters to a specific channel. A separate number is there with every channel of the photo. 
  6. When you hold Ctrl + Shift + Alt + the number, then you’ll get the selection of the channel whose number you pressed. Cmd + Shift + Option + number can be used by Mac Users. 

Mac is one of the versatile machines in the market today. It offers a bundle of new features. Photoshop works best on Mac. You can download photoshop for mac very easily through various websites or can purchase it directly from Adobe. Do follow the secret hacks of Photoshop!