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The world is changing steadily, and we need to adopt many things to be a part of the same, and many things have been changing concerning the past. Yet, we feel that we are still connected to the old traditions, which is why we hesitate to transition ourselves from this generation to the next. So when it comes to currency, certain things have changed from what it was just twenty years ago to what it is right now. 

Android and bitcoin 

When it comes to Android and Bitcoin mining in the same section, we feel that anyone that would tell you that it is possible for you to mine Bitcoin in Android, then you would probably call that person a madman and go on your own way. This is because of the fact that we have been programming ourselves to believe that it is not possible for us to mine Bitcoins because we don’t have a heavy GTX or RTX computer. 

What are helium miners?

Just like it is mentioned that it has become a dilemma for people that want to mine bitcoins that they need to have a very high tech and specifically designed PC with heavy GTX and RTX tools. Even while thinking about mining Bitcoins, you might think about all those reels that you saw on Instagram where there are thousands of fans that are turned on, which shows the computing speed of mining Bitcoins. 

However, you don’t need to be on such high tech devices just because you need to have a little money while having a passive income at your disposal. Helium miners are the next thing in the future because you can turn them on, and they will keep mining bitcoins for you where you can record their progress and make sure that you have a passive income for yourself. Learn more about this at