Everything You Need To Know About Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes is a casual game, however, it can also be complex if you decided to take it seriously. In this article, we will explain some mechanics in Idle Heroes that you will appreciate knowing. This includes the ability to use best heroes to focus on , among other things. Without further ado, let’s start:

Rewards from playing the game

Aside from the quests that you can complete daily for rewards, there is another daily reward that you can take advantage of. It is the daily login rewards, which tends to be overlooked by players since it is located in another menu.

By logging in for a month, you will be rewarded with a 5 star hero. You can get the daily rewards in the events section of the game.

Can you cheat in idle heroes?

Currently, there are no known cheats in Idle Heroes. There are websites that are advertising to sell hacks, however, they carry the risk of being a scam, or the program for cheating might carry malware. Even if you came across a legitimate cheat program, you run the risk of being banned by the developers of the game. Would you risk losing all your progress just because of using cheats? As such, we do not recommend cheating in Idle Heroes, unless you are doing it on a throwaway account.

Go through the marketplace frequently

You might be under the impression that the marketplace in the game is only for people who purchase gems. That is not the case since the contents of the market automatically update every 3 hours. It only incentivises gem usage by allowing people with gems to update it without waiting. Going through the marketplace when it is updated will allow you to get good deals that you wouldn’t get otherwise.