First Person: Investment Opportunities I Regret Not Making in My 20’s

My economic center of gravity during my twenties did not revolve around, nor include a concerted effort in thinking about saving for the future. My golden years of irresponsible spending – was indeed a time of immature behavior.

Even though I had a very strict upbringing related on how to manage money and finances, I did not follow the advice of elder family members whom wanted nothing more than to wish me well for the future.

Stubbornness and a lack of discipline on not investing in the future during my twenties, was indeed a mistake that I regret not doing. The synopsis of this article is to illustrate how my irresponsible spending lead to a loss of revenue as I lived a most carefree life during my twenties, and so, this is where the story begins.

Toy Collecting Investments I regret not making in my 20’s

  1. During the nineteen eighties was a magical time indeed, and toy collecting felt right into the realm of investing that I did not bother to pay much attention to. When the Star Wars movie was released in 1977, the following year – Kenner would release their first Star War figurines. There were several variant figurines produced after the first Star Wars movie was released, in addition to rare error figures that were shipped to major retailers during 1978 and 1979.
  1. When He Man and Masters of the Universe cartoon would air on television during 1983 to 1985; the popularity of the cartoon would compel Mattel Toys to release a toy line that resembled the cartoon series in great detail. Since the cartoon series was short lived, so was the Mattel production line for these classic figurines, which has now made them much more collectible.
  1. The unprecedented release of the G.I. Joe cartoon that aired 1983 to 1986, gave rise to another superior toy line. Hasbro toys would produce some of the most memorable action figurines since the inception of the Star Wars line. There were several variant versions released during the 1980’s, and these figurines were produced in limited quantity.
  1. The once popular – now defunct Starting Lineup sports figurines hit the retail market with an excitement that was once rivaled by the early days of sports card collecting. The Starting Lineup sports figurines that were released in the mid-eighties would feature many super star athletes that would go on to have a Hall of Fame career. Many of these figurines that were released in the nineteen eighties are very difficult to find in their original package. 

  1. During the nineteen eighties – some of the most memorable cartoons were created, and indeed help spawn a generation of toys that would stand the test of time. Indeed, if I had a crystal ball, I would have considered partying, and the night life as an alternative lifestyle that would have been short-lived. One of the more fun and exciting cartoons that were released in the eighties – would be the Thundercats. The Thundercats were another short-lived cartoon series that would air from 1985 to 1987. Many of the Thundercats figurines were produced in limited quantity. I would have never guessed that a cartoon made up of humanoid cats would someday become so valuable in relation to American pop culture.

All of the mentioned opportunities were great Geldanlage. It was regretful on my part not considering these items. If only I could turn back the time, then I would be very wiilling to these instruments as I know the return is great as well. 

The investment opportunities I regret not making in my twenties stem from a time where only so-called nerds invested in anything like this. Looking back now, those so-called nerds were “smarter than the average bear.”