How To Choose A Headstone: Things To Consider

The best way to memorialize a close one is by choosing the perfect headstone for them. Find something that will reflect their soul’s personality forever. Also, remember to first consider the rules and regulations of the cemetery before making the final selection. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right Hauaplaadid Viljandis (Tombstones in Viljandi):


When deciding on the headstone type, keep in mind the inscription and the font size. The headstone is available in four types, flat, upright, cremation benches, and curbed headstones. The cemetery’s rules should also be considered before selecting the type.


The headstones can be shaped in many ways. Some of the known shapes are heart-shaped, cross-shaped, tear-shaped, half ogee-shaped, serpentine-shaped, and book-shaped.


The material is the main contributor to the visual factor of the headstone. Also, its durability depends on the material type. So, one should carefully select the material. Some materials are granite, Portland, white marble, bronze, and Sabrina.


If the inscription is significant and has pictures in it, one may need to go for an enormous headstone. If one is unclear on the size factor, try visiting the cemetery ground, check if all the headstones are of uniform design, and then select accordingly.  


A proper finishing to the headstone will make it look more refined and increase its durability. One can select parts polished, polished, pitched, or honed. Some give a reflective finish and a more rustic look to the headstone.


The bigger the headstone and the more inscriptions it has, the more costly it will be. So, use the budget level as a decider when choosing the headstone material, size, finish, and design.

Many memorials will gladly help in selecting the perfect headstone for the deceased. They will advise the right combination of material, finish and shape that will fit one’s budget, suit the deceased’s soul and give them a comfortable resting place.