Self Defense for Senior Citizens- Better Safe than Sorry

There are many democratic countries in the world with the United States being the oldest one of all where both men and women have equal rights as per the constitution that each and every citizen has to strictly adhere to.

It is the duty of each citizen to protect their rights and also that of others that are needy and greatly need it so that they too can live their life with grace and dignity, which is very hard to find these days.

While the youngsters are strong and agile enough to protect themselves against mortal peril, senior citizens are not able to do so and often fall prey to bullying and victimization by bad elements of the society and this has to be stopped at the earliest.

Final Straw

Senior citizens are not as quick to defend themselves from getting bullied so they too have the rights for self defense for which they need to be aware of some important points that have to be kept in mind, which can be learnt through the website called guardian self defense.

It is because they are too old to learn the technique of martial arts so they need to follow a different way in case they come across an altercation that threatens to harm the society norms.

When there is a fight, they need to get away from it before they are forced into it because if it involves a crowd, then it will resort to nothing and bear in mind that a crowd doesn’t have a face and it would be impossible to punish the culprits involved in a crime.

If the attacker is well built, then a senior citizen has to use his fingers to poke him in the eye because that will leave him incapacitated but if he goes for your throat, hit him in the groin as that would be extremely painful and allow you time to run off to the police station.