The Perfect Gifts for Grandchildren Often Cost Only Pennies!

With school beginning and summer drawing to a close, Christmas will be upon us before we know it and grandparents all over will be asking “what do I get my grandchild that they really want?” I can tell you this, from one mothers’ point of view, there is nothing like time spent with a grandparent to brighten a child’s day.

And even if you are miles apart there are so many ways you can keep in touch with your grandchildren. Believe me when I say, that even implementing one of the ideas listed below will prove to pass the test of time with your grandchildren in a way that no plastic doll or electronic gadget can. The list below comes not from your pocketbook but from your heart and to a child, that is the best gift of all.

1. set up a “regular” time you call to talk to the kiddos…not Mom or Dad just kiddos then they know THEY are the important ones!

2. video tape yourself reading age appropriate books and send it to them along with a copy of the book so they can “read along” if they want to!….that way they will always have Grandma to read to them if Mom or Dad are too busy or they simply want to connect with you!

3. Send them 2 craft kits with a self addressed envelope so they can send back one of the creations to you….that way you have a connection (key chain kits are always a hit for the “backpack” crowd)

4. write them an ACTUAL letter….not email but a REAL letter they can hold in their hand…it needn’t be
a lot…even a note tells them you are thinking of them!

5. take pictures of yourself around the house or better yet have someone follow you around one day and videotape your day….if the grandkids have access to a camera they can do the same….these can be GREAT fun to share!

6. join a social network such as and start your own private family group. Publish a note to your grandchild every day with a riddle or question they have to find the answer to. OR help them with their homework online. The internet offers so many ways to keep in touch these days!

7. Send them an 18″ square of muslin (if you send 2 or 3 they will have some practice ones too) and a small tube of fabric paint…ask them to put their handprint on the square and send it back to you…then make one of your own hand…..using these 2 squares, make a pillow for them edging the squares in fabric that matches their room……that way they always have you close!

There are so many simple ways to connect with your grandchild. Even a simple note, handwritten by you to arrive with the afternoon mail is special. I know, I have letters my grandmother wrote me over 30 years ago and they are still as special today as they were when I opened them three decades ago